Saturday, August 22, 2009

Off to College

All around the blogosphere and facebook I'm hearing about sending kids back to school. Actually it isn't just any type of school that people are talking about - it's college. I've got about 100 people as my facebook friends who are part of my graduating high school class and they are sending their kids off to college in droves.

It's making me think about when I went off to college. It makes me think how I have NO IDEA how any of these people are feeling (the parents) because I'm not a parent. I don't have that experience. I get little pangs every so often when people talk about their children and know that I don't have any, but the college thing is hitting me more than ever. Maybe it's because I know that I'm officially out of the age range to have children and that is being amplified now that people my age are sending their kids to college.

When my friends would talk about their kids graduating from elementary school or middle school it didn't affect me much. High School graduation celebrations got my heart racing a little bit, but the college posts are affecting me more than I ever imagined.

I've never really had a strong desire to be a parent. I've had a strong desire to hold newborns, to love and kiss their heads, to play with a toddler, to be with my nieces, to be a good listener to the kids that I meet, but I've always been very happy to let other people take their kids back :) I think about moving back home because I miss my nieces and my family, but having my own children has never been a priority or a strong desire.

I'm very sure that I will get over this little hurdle. I'm just going to wish all my friends and their college bound children lots of love and in a few weeks we'll all move on to new topics!

Thanks for letting me mull this around in my head a bit and toss it out on my blog.



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Kirby3131 said...

Thank you Marg. :)

Sharinskishe said...

I know a lot of what you are talking about. My sister never wanted kids and now that she is 51, she doesn't believe she will be a mom to kids, but she is a good mom to her two search and rescue dogs. They are awesome!

You are an awesome woman and you will figure all things out. Take care and email me if you ever need anything!

Love you,