Friday, August 21, 2009

Your Overdue Payment is Read

I love it when I get these in my email. I think the HONESTY part is just hysterical. Ooooh, since you tell me this is honest, then I should just go ahead and contact you about my Nigerian Lottery winnings!! I know I could use a cool 2.7 million IN CASH!

Amazing to me how many people fall for this.


Honesty Overdue Payment Office

FedEx Courier Services
Plot 8,Ahmed Way,
Victoria Island,Lagos Nigeria.
Customers Service Hours--Monday To Saturday:

Your Honesty Payment.

Your overdue inheritance/lottery prize of $2.7 Million US Dollars is boxed
and put to v.i.p FedEx to deliver to you as cash.

a payment! since you’re disappointed in the past, So contact FedEx with
your delivery address and telephone numbers.

Name : Mr. James Peters
Email :
Tell : +234-806-5069-255

You should duly contact FedEx for tracking nos and v.i.p shipment
recipient's (SKF), your reference code is.. FAXD-101-87529K.

Note that you will pay for the Security Keeping Fee of $250 and it is

Thanks for your Co-operation.
Yours Affectionately.
Mr.David Smith.

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Unknown Mami said...

I won one of those too. Oh you and I could be rich buddies.