Saturday, August 22, 2009

Treadles and Diamonds

I was reading blogs today - kind of catching up on the photography blogs, design blogs and the things that I don't read every day. Well, I saw this lovely photo of sewing notions and that sparked an idea. Keetha, posted a picture of a sewing machine the other day, too - so sewing has been on the brain this week.

I have a treadle sewing machine that was my Grandmother Corlett's machine. I've had it for...goodness...15 years? 20 years? It's been awhile.

So I hauled out the vacuum (wouldn't want there to be years of dust being photographed!) Don't worry Keetha, I managed to get plenty of dust in the photos :)

and when I thought the machine was dusted just enough I started clicking away.

Artsy shots, close ups, sideways.

Then I decided to look in the drawers. As I recalled from the last time I looked through them, they were full of fun items and quite a bit of small pieces of fabric and trim.

The first drawer I looked in is marked above. It was stuffed with a denim patch and a bunch of yellow trim and a few other items - so I pulled out the fabric and reached my hand into the back of the drawer to pull the few items forward.

The little green card is from a pack of Gurney seeds and coming with that was a ring. I snapped the photo first, then decided to investigate.

It's a ring. It's a diamond ring. It's got a tiny, thin band and it looks like it was worn quite a bit. I have no idea whose ring it is. I called my mother and asked her if she knew where Grandma Corlett's wedding rings were located and she didn't know either.

I honestly don't recall my Grandmother's rings. I remember her necklaces and earrings but not rings.

Could she have put her ring in the top drawer one day and never got it back out again?
The ring fits on my pinky finger. The diamond in the ring I found is about twice the size of the middle diamond in mine. So now I'm wondering if it really is a diamond. My grandparents didn't have a whole lot of money and buying a large diamond just doesn't seem to fit into their lifestyle. And if the ring was just misplaced, it seems like she would have searched high and low to find it.

I guess it's remained hidden from me for almost 20 years but I have never used the machine.

Ahhh, it's a mystery.

I'm going to have to take the ring to a jeweler to see if it's a genuine diamond. That will solve mystery number one. As for the other mysteries, we may never know.

Have you ever found anything in your family heirlooms?


Piecefulafternoon said...

What a lovely surprise!! And you get to make up its history - since it doesn't come with any - you can imagine the joy your grandma felt when she wore the ring - and the feeling of safety when she stashed it in the drawer. Diamonds were not a relatively expensive then as they are now - and were often so special that the expense was saved up for, for a long long time.

What was in the other drawers?

Kirby3131 said...

I'm going to talk about what was in the other drawers in an upcoming post. I'm also going to show my "art" photos of the machine.

jb said...

Only YOU would pull open a drawer that you have ignored for decades....and find a diamond ring! YOu KILL me!

jennifer said...

What an amazing story! It appears to be an old ring and the band is 14kt. I think it's real!

Once you find out I hope you are able to figure out who it belongs too. Can't you picture someone sewing on the machine, taking the ring off as they work, placing it in the drawer, and then.... wow.

Very cool post!

Liz Autry said...

I almost wonder if it is a "Herkimer Diamond". We have several stones from there that my grandparents mined themselves. It will be interesting to see what you find out. Good luck!

Barb said...

Beautiful sewing machine, and how fun to find a mysterious treasures.

RE: architectural pieces found on walk (under bushes).
They are cement, and about 1 1/2' tall and 2 1/2' long, and 4-5" thick! Could not even begin to budge them!!

Thanks for coming by.

Blessings on your day.

Barbara Jean

Dawn said...

what a wonderful story. Even if it's not real it looks great on your pinky!

Audra said...

My younger sister was given boxes of yarn from her Grandmother-in-laws estate. I guess her husbands grandmother would go to estate sales and purchase lots of yarn, fabric or notions, then store them until she needed something. It was in one of these boxes of multiple skeins of yarn that my sister found a beautiful wedding ring set dating back to early 1900's. (confirmed by jeweler). No telling how long "granny" had had the box, no name or identifying marks or details on box. It was confirmed that it was not "granny" wedding set, it must have belong to the woman who thought a skein of yarn was an ideal hiding place for her rings.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Now I'm dying to know more about the ring myself! :-) I can't wait to hear what a jeweler is able to tell you. Is the band marked in any way to indicate that it's "14k" gold? If the gold is real, I'll bet there's a good chance the diamond is, too! You make me want to go home and go through all my drawers...

Thanks for your comment on my vintage fan -- isn't it "cool"? :-) You're right, it is in very good shape...there's some chippy turquoise paint on the base, but the chips just make it look more vintage and fun to me!

Condo Blues said...

The machine is a wondeful treasure the ring - a bonus!

Keetha Broyles said...

LOVE the treadle sewing machine.

You're a CHICKEN to vacuum up the dust first. (I would have done so too had I been able to SEE the dust in the dark room before the camera flashed!)

That ring is sooooo beautiful. Love it.