Wednesday, August 05, 2009

This and That

It's 3am.

Something totally got to my nose and it's stuffed up. I can't sleep when it's stuffed up this much - at least not until I'm so tired I just pass out. I'm hoping that the "pass out" stage is coming soon.

I need to finish up one little thing for our reunion flier and get that to my sister. Goodness, we are so late on getting them out.

I went to a photography class last night (since it's 3am I guess it was nearly 8 hours ago!) The class was all about how to organize, print and share photos. I thought - Dullsville! - but I'll go. I need to get everything I can out of these free classes. Guess what?!! I learned a ton. I may even go back and take the class again in a month when they offer it. I learned how to use my iphoto on my MAC, too - just by watching the guy tonight. I didn't realize that I didn't know how to use my MAC program until I saw the presentation. I also learned that the RITZ camera store where I'm taking the classes can transfer my video tape to DVD. I've been wondering where I needed to go to do that.

The instructor also told me that a lot of GPS systems will accept photos. So if I wanted to give my Dad some photos of our trip to Ireland, so that he could show them off to friends, he can just show them on his GPS machine. (Is a GPS called a machine? maybe device is a better word for it) I was thinking about getting him a keychain picture holder type thing that held 50 pictures or so, but the screens are so small. I'll have to look into that GPS idea.

I haven't been out on a photo hunt in a few weeks - not since I got back home from Michigan. I can really tell, too. Usually my blog posts are about what I've seen during the week, complete with fabulous photos! the only thing I've seen lately is the inside of my rentals and the washer and dryer from all of the linens I've been doing. Not too many picture taking opportunities there. I've looked :)

I went to a pet store today to get some kitty litter. I only use a certain brand, so I have to haul myself across town to get it. Thankfully my rental condos are near said store so I didn't have to make a special trip today. When I was in the checkout lane I asked the cashier if she knew where this particular restaurant was located in the shopping complex. She said - "I don't know, I live in Orange Park." I was shocked. Literally shocked. It's not like I asked her where something was that was a few miles away, I asked about something in the strip mall where she worked. So I said - "Oh, well, I thought you might have eaten there, since it's located right here in this plaza or that you may have noticed it when you come to work each day." (So I have to admit, I was a bit snarky towards the end of that sentence.) She just repeated that she lives in Orange Park. I took a drive through the strip mall and found it. It was one of the outer buildings closer to the road. Sheesh. If I worked there, I'd at least know what was in the plaza.

I have a Favorite Things Swap in progress as I type :) I have this shelf on my entertainment center that is housing the favorite things that I am going to send to my swap partner. I keep thinking of things I want to add to the pile, but I don't want to go way overboard. I mean, I don't want to fill someone elses house up with clutter - even if it is MY favorite type of clutter. I'm pretty pleased with the pile so far. It seems to go along with the things she likes as well, so that's nice. I really need to get it packaged up and sent off though, as our deadline is looming. I'll post photos about what was given and received when I'm sure that no one is looking :)

Alrighty. 3:30 now. I think exhaustion has hit. Either that or maybe the tylenol is working. I hope you had a restful sleep and a wonderful day.


Terri said...

hope you are sleeping soundly right now! the photog class sounds great. As soon as I get my DSLR I'm going to take some.

Keetha Broyles said...

I just passed a little somethin' somethin' along your way over at my blog - - -

jennifer said...

I have never done a swap before. It sounds like fun though.

I had insomnia the other night and didn't get to sleep until almost 5 in the morning. That WASN'T fun.

Be blessed!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

I am sure clutter.
And I hope you feel better and get some rest!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

meant to say good clutter. takes on a whole new meaning when the word is added. Good stuff!

Chandy said...

Hope you feel better...