Thursday, July 28, 2011

An explosion of images

The epic road trip, which I do hope I will put a buzz in the Scion people's ears to fund me to do something like this again, was one of the best trips ever.  My little Scion xD was packed full of supplies and sometimes people and it took me from Florida to New Hampshire and back.  The trip to Martha's Vineyard is not figured into the 2995.7 mile trip as I wasn't allowed to take her.  We had to take Bob's car since it was the registered car for the ferry.

The trip to MV is on the map, but not included in the mileage.

I was fortunate enough to get dozens of photos of old signs.  My heart just beats a little faster each time I see one.  I have to admit that a few of the signs I wasn't able to photograph, but I got as many as I could.

I collected smashed pennies all along my route and even had to buy a new book I collected so many.  Bob helped though, she gave me over a dozen that she'd been collecting for me.  I saw the largest hibiscus flowers I've ever seen in New Jersey.  I learned that the red buoys in the water are called nuns and the sun was so brilliant that the Landfall casts a deep shadow.

Outdoor plants casting a great shadow on a fabric shade.

Paintbrushes from my friend Phyllis, who's paintings are incredible with the tacky snowglobes that I just love to photograph.  Three others besides myself went to the beach on Martha's Vineyard and the ancient church at a cemetery has plywood where stained glass once was.  (I believe the glass was removed so as not to get destroyed, but I haven't looked into that yet)

The slideshow is a compilation of all the placed I toured.

Bob, her daughter Lily and I are all waving at our reflection while hanging out on the ferry to the Vineyard.



lisleman said...

that is a long trip. Thanks for sharing your great pictures. The bottom one from the ferry - looks like letters in the shadows.

Karen and Gerard said...

I can't imagine us ever taking a long trip like that! Enjoyed seeing your pictures, nice slideshow!

jb said...

Wow! What a post! and I know this is just a taste of all to we fed you lots and lots of blog fodder! so happy that we got to hang out together for such an extended period of time!
I am looking forward to all the new POTDs etc!
By the way, when I move down there to my beach cottage, it is going to have plenty of Bleeding heart Vine covering half porch! Looking forward to protecting those hearts!

Terri said...

Very neat! My favorite photos in the slide show are the diner, the ferris wheel and the baskets on the wall. Bet you had the time of your life and I do hope you get sponsored for future trip, that would be sweet.

Ann in the UP said...

That's a real nice taste of what's to come. You know how happy I am that you're back home though!

I'm glad you had so much fun, and that your camera got a good workout!

42N said...

Again, you take very creative photos. Your flair and great composition show in every photo. I couldn't get the slideshow to work but will revisit. Road trips are a blast and you did a fantastic job in documenting the Florida to Mass. journey.

Lisa said...

OMG! I completely forgot to give you the smashed pennies I had for you, too.

I will def. be sending you one or two from Knoebel's as we forgot to do that while we were there. I had one in my jewelry box waiting for you.

Love all of your pics! Love spotting ones from my area, its a really cool treat!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That's a lot of miles!! The hibiscus is huge and how awesome to get so many smashed pennies. I love the slideshow, what a great way to share your photos. I should have done that with my trip. Thanks for all the fun posts.