Wednesday, July 06, 2011

POTD - Jawbreakers

POTD - Jawbreakers
©2011 Kristin Corlett

I see these giant jawbreakers fairly often but I have no idea who actually buys them. I'd think that small children would be the ones who want them, but I swear these things are bigger than their heads! (OK, so I'm exaggerating a little)  Jawbreakers are something was around when I was a kid, but I was never interested in trying them.  They looked just too darned hard to eat.



Ann in the UP said...

GoodGuy and I used to have jawbreaker contests to see how long we could make them last on a car trip.

Now that we have no teeth left we don't bother any more. He always won, anyway.

(I'm joking about the teeth.)

Anonymous said...

New Reader. My friend Lisa C passed on the link. Those jaw breakers take me back to my childhood. We had this ice cream joint named "Farrel's Ice Cream Parlor" in Toledo and on the way to the cash register they had a maze of penny candy jars. I remember all the different sizes of jaw breakers and thinking I wanted the really HUGE ones, only to find out they were so hard to enjoy.

Condo Blues said...

My only memories with jawbreakers are Don't Try This At Home types. The movie Jawbreaker where it was a murder weapon and that episode of Mythbusters where they but a jaw breaker in the microwave and it exploded.

42N said...

Oh but they are so good once you get them smaller.

TechnoBabe said...

We had jawbreakers but you are right about the large ones being too big for a little kids mouth. We had to break them and eat part at a time.

I looked through your blog and there are some excellent photos here. You have a talent for photography.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I have always loved jawbreakers but never have bought the giant ones because I never knew how I would eat it. I found flying saucers in London, do you remember those.