Friday, July 29, 2011

My 365 Project on Shuttercal

My 365 project is still coming right along and I am so pleased with the results!  The past few days have been some of the hardest and that's probably because after three weeks of traveling each day, I'm just home.  Nothing in my house is looking new and exciting.  I don't think I've updated my Flickr account in a month, but this evening I did get all of my Shuttercal up to date.   It will now be fairly easy to fill in the other one now that this one is current.  

The neatest thing about the Shuttercal calendar system is that I can see the progress that I've made in a format that I'm used to...the basic calendar.  In Flickr all of my photos are numbered and that's good, but if there was a blank space in the calendar, it would show up like a sore thumb.  It's so cool to see all of the spaces filled in. 

Shuttercal doesn't have to be used to for just a photographer.  It can be for anything that you want to do daily.  Writing, poems, drawings, kids projects, jewelry, etc.  You could use Xs and Os as your own identification of a project done for the day.  Smiley faces would work for something like that, too! 

I never really understood the concept of doing something every day until I challenged myself a few years ago to blog every day for at least a year.   I brush my teeth every day, get out of bed every day, but those don't cause me to use any extra brain cells to get them accomplished!  Blogging everyday, taking a photo every day - those two projects have stretched and pulled me in so many directions.  Many more than I ever thought possible. 

My next every-day-no-matter-what project is going to be a form of exercise.  I will start off small and progressively get a routine.  I wish it could become as mindless and easy to do as brushing my teeth.  I'm not going to wait until the photography 365 project is over.  I've learned that I really can do more than one thing at a time!  (even though I try to pretend that I'm only capable of one project at a time)

Would the Shuttercal calendar help you out with an every day project?  

Have a great day!


Ann in the UP said...

Shuttercal is so neat! I may have to utilize that for something. It won't be photography but something to do every day.

You do find the neatest stuff online. I should just follow your history and learn good stuff.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I know I've seen you talk about this before and it is so cool. I think I may try something like this in January. Maybe a photo each day. Thanks for sharing it. I put them in my favorites.