Thursday, July 21, 2011

Scion Road Trip - Day ??

The Scion Road Trip of 2011 has finally arrived to Day who-knows on the journey that started in Florida and has taken me as far North as New Hampshire and as far East as Martha's Vineyard.  I've visited many families but have been housed by four so far and I have one, possibly two more stops to make before this adventure is all said and done.  It may never been done on my blog, however, as I have so much to share!

Yesterday was a driving day and a long day at that.  I drove from New Hampshire to New Jersey, over the George Washington Bridge, which took several hours to get through and made it to my next host family by dinner.  That was a good thing - I was starved by the time I got there.  A spoon of peanut butter only goes so far sometimes.

My little Scion xD is a real trooper.  I've had so much fun driving it on this trip.  I wasn't sure if cars overheated anymore these days due to idling with the A/C on and my Scion didn't overheat at all!  It kept me nice and cool for those many hours inching forward to get to the bridge.  

I'm spending the morning with my friend Phyllis who put me up last night in a wonderful king sized bed, in my own room and bath and best of all - Air Conditioning!  This heat wave that has hit the US has made A/C a very important factor for a good nights sleep.  Thanks Phyllis!  I'll be leaving just after lunch for my next stop in PA, but not until Phyllis shows me her artwork.  I'm looking forward to that.

I just wanted to check in real quick, since I didn't get a chance to yesterday.

Have a great day and I'll be back soon!


Marg said...

Avoid the GW at all costs during rush hourS. : )

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It sounds like your trip is going well and you are seeing some wonderful things.

lisleman said...

are you going to ask Scion for a sponsorship of all the blog posts?

I've seen some nice areas of NJ but I never thought the area around Newark and border of New York City was very nice.