Thursday, July 28, 2011

Friday Fragments

It's Friday Fragments Day!!
It's Friday Fragments Day!
It's Friday Fragments Day!
It's Friday Fragments Day!  
It's Friday Fragments Day!

Welcome to Friday Fragments!  This is the place where we're able to put little snippets of fun or interesting things together without having to stretch that idea into an entire blog post.

Mrs. 4444 is our lovely host and I am so grateful for her continued hosting of this fun carnival.  For more Friday Fragment finds, please head on over to Half-Past Kissin' Time.  Thanks!



Some friends of ours just got back from a trip overseas and one of the folks in their party got a wallet stolen almost as soon as they arrived.  This conversation led directly to the VERY COOL traveling pants my friend was wearing that are unfriendly to pickpockets.  He said that the pants had hidden pockets, fast drying fabric and were very comfortable to wear.  As soon as he talked about these pants I knew I had to tell the world --- or my blogging friends if no one else would listen.

The company is called Scottevest and here is the link to the cargo pants my friend was wearing.  Be sure to look at the X-Ray view to see all the hidden pockets and depths.  I haven't investigated the entire site yet, but I would love to have a pair of those cargo pants for traveling.  I bet one of the jackets would be pretty awesome, too. 



My friend's 12 year old daughter was with us when we went to Martha's Vineyard.   I'm not used to hanging out with kids that age on a daily basis so I was caught off guard a few times by the questions she asked.  One day we were having lunch and she all of a sudden said, "What is a diphthong?"  I about choked as I hadn't heard that word in a really long time and it sounded slightly pornographic there for a moment!  My friend is an English teacher and had an answer right away, but I think the question even gave her a little laugh.



Ann in the UP talked about vanity license plates the other day on her blog.  I told her that I wrote down a few that I saw on my trip, but once I got to New Hampshire I quit because there were just so many vanity plates.  I'm thinking it might be cheaper to get a vanity plate there and that's why everyone does it!

One of the plates I saw was: HVU4GOTN

I looked around for a bumper sticker or something to help me figure out what I might have forgotten but there was nothing.  Not sure what that one meant, but it meant enough to be Vanitized!  (I made that word up.  Could you tell?)  The other two I wrote down were HERE B4 and YNOT VA.

Why are there so many vanity plates in NH anyway??



The smallest church in America (according to the sign) was at the next exit.  That would be exit 67 off I-95 in Georgia.  I wanted to go see it on my way back to Jacksonville but it was after dark.  I was afraid I might not see the smallest church in America in the dark!  Roadside America has it listed on its website (here.)  The GA one is the third one on the list.  Although after looking at all of the churches, I'm not sure that Georgia has the smallest one.  In order to be considered in the Roadside America list,  the church needs to follow some rules!  Who knew?  My next road trip I'm going to have to keep this list handy.


I've been away from Friday Fragments and consistent daily posting for a few weeks now while I've been on my trip.  The photos in today's FF are of a bridge that I was fortunate enough to take photos of while I was NOT driving!  I'm glad to be back home and happy to be a part of Friday Fragments.  If you'd like to see more of my trip just click Scion Road Trip to be taken to all related posts.


If you'd like to go see more Friday Fragments, please click on Half Past Kissin' Time to be taken to this week's fine group of fraggers.

Have a wonderful week!


lisleman said...

I have heard of Scottevest before. I think they run ads in the airline mags. I'm confused, the friend having the wallet taken was not wearing the secret pocket pants? But another one in the group was?
Some of those plates are fun to decipher.

Rachael said...

I'm FINALLY back to Friday Fragments this week! Love the sky in the bridge pictures. I hate when I see a vanity plate and can't figure it out. Once I saw one I couldn't figure, and kept it written down and it lurked in my house for a couple of years in random piles. I never did figure it out. I have a custom plate, it says "Mulder". Yeah, from The X-Files. I'm a dork.

Kristin - The Goat said...

lisleman -The person who got their wallet stolen was not as pickpocket savvy as their companions. So no, the man who lost his wallet did not wear a pair of the Scottevest pants, but then again, I don't know if they knew about them.

Rachael - Oh those nagging puzzles left to lurk in the house - that would drive me a bit batty to not have been able to figure it out right away. I definitely would have tossed the paper LOL There was a game show about deciphering lic. plates. I was never any good at it.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

There's a country song called "Have You Forgotten?" that refers to the September 11th attacks, I wonder if that's what that person's plate was about.
Love the bridge pics!

jb said...

Vanity plates cost $20 bucks in NH...that is why we ALL have them! Why not express yourself for a Jackson?!

Lisa said...

Wondering if the plate meant "Have you forgotten?" Being close to NYC perhaps it was someone deeply touched by the tragedy. It's a great sentiment, as I think we have slowly forgotten. Hoping this year's 10th anniversary reminds us of all our blessings.

Ann in the UP said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Smallest Churches. Ideal for the small wedding, I should think. Good Guy and I are both pretty chunky, so we'd probably have to get married on the lawn. (We ARE already married, should you be wondering.) Hehehe.

brainella said...

GA seems to have a lot of vanity plates too. We noticed a lot in Vermont a few years ago. Weird. :)

GA also has a LOT of churches.

Tettelestai said...

it says "have you forgotten" and i love it!!! that is a great way to remind folks what happened!! i miss vanity plates, there aren't a whole lot here in the DC area.

i am going to pass those pants along to my friends. they are traveling to and from africa right now with their adoption. not a bad idea!

Clownremover said...

Hi. Found you through Friday Fragments. I like your blog. Love the bridge pictures.

Doreen said...

Wow you have changed things around here!! I need those pants. I was so excited I knew what the liscence plate meant and then....everyone else knew too! A lot of police and firemen use them as support for New York!
I have a book cover and trailer:) Jacksonville is on my tour....
Have a great weekend.

mub said...

My husband always carries his wallet in his front pockets (which I thought was weird at first because I'm so used to men having them in their rear pockets) because pickpocketing is such a problem over here. Those pants look pretty snazzy though.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Never new about the Smallest Church. Very interesting!
Love those pants.
Yep, my mind would have gone to a dirty place with the diphthong. Thanks for the explanation.

Mrs4444 said...

Welcome back :) Your fragments always have a distinct tone to them. Curious, Interesting, Hopeful come to mind as words to describe them. I enjoy them. Thanks.