Thursday, July 14, 2011

Scion Road Trip - Day Three

I have finally made it to Day Three of my Scion Road Trip of 2011.   I drove the whopping 25 miles from Lisa's home to Matt & Patti's home in the Pocono Mountains.   I even managed to arrive without running out of gas.

It was nearly lunch time and Patti had arranged for me to meet up with a special guest at a restaurant so we took off to eat.  The special guest was her sister, Lori, who I had met a few weeks earlier in Jacksonville. It was a girls luncheon as Matt stayed home and Patti and the two girls came with us. It was a very nice treat! 

Then the five of us ventured up into the mountains.  I immediately noticed that the pine cones in the Pocono Mountains are teeny tiny compared to the pine cones in Florida.  When I get back I'll have to do a comparison.  The top photo shows the smallest pine cones that I saw that day. 

Standing on the mountain afforded us a lovely view of the Delaware Gap which is a where the Delaware River cuts through the Appalachian Mountains.  It also designates the border between Pennsylvania and New Jersey.   It was definitely a cool sight to see.

Florida isn't known for it's Birch Tree population, since it doesn't get cold enough for that variety of tree, so I was very happy to see them in PA.  I've missed seeing Birch Trees, they are so beautiful.

These steps connected the lower parking/viewing area to the upper parking/viewing area. I thought this would make an excellent photo, so I made Patti go around again so I could go back and get a picture of it. Thanks Patti! I love this one.

The drive up to the mountains was full of Rhododendron bushes in full bloom.  I thought this particular plant was done blooming months ago, but I guess the cool mountain air keeps these beauties around a lot longer.  Either that or they bloom a lot later in the mountains. 

On top of the mountain we saw this giant storm cloud moving in.  I thought this particular cloud looked like the smoke coming from a genie's lantern.  Can you see the rain pouring down?  It was a very fast, very heavy storm and we managed to miss most of it. 

We went on a sightseeing adventure and ended up at a chocolate store, imagine that!  The store had lots of wonderful delights, but the best thing was this thin mirror.  Ahhhh, that was worth it.  :)

Then we came back to Matt and Patti's home, ate a wonderful dinner, chatted for several hours and then brought out the ice cream.  This family does ice cream like no one else!

Several  different flavors, two types of sprinkles and even some cool whip if you so desired.

Ice cream is one of Matt's favorite treats, so they do it big time!  Their daughter shows off her ice cream masterpiece for the camera. 

Day three came to a quick close, but it was a lot of fun.  My Scion had fun, too, as she was able to share the driveway with Matt and Patti's Scion xD.  They looked quite happy together, mine in blue and theirs in orange. 

Have a great day!


Lisa said...

oooh, now I want ice cream and there isn't ANY in this house. :(

Glad you made it and I love the view of the rain storm. Very cool!

Transplanted Lady said...
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Transplanted Lady said...

I love this blog most of all! It was great seeing you and eating ice cream with you :-)

lisleman said...

so you didn't drive from Mytoi Bridge?
That cloud looks like it is starting rotate which would have been a real treat/threat to watch a tornado form before your eyes.
Ice Cream - OMG - is their name Baskin Robbins?

Ann in the UP said...

That is inspired. A thin mirror in a chocolate shop. Send me the address, please! (I'm joking!)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

What an awesome day you had. Love the pinecones. That mirror was fun and OMG on the ice cream.