Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I love a good auction.

Sofa Express and More! has been in bankruptcy for awhile now, but the countdown to closing their store has been going on for the past month. Yesterday was the LAST DAY - everything must go! Well, everything didn't go - so there was an auction tonight. It was a lot of fun. They had about 20 guys hauling the furniture up to the stage - some hauling, some holding, some moving stuff off the stage - it was like a dance, with large pieces of furniture. It was one of the fastest auctions I've ever been to.

One of our Flip houses is being occupied by one of our worker bees. So far he has a bed.

Just a bed. Plus: One pillow, two sets of sheets and a comforter.

Needless to say, he will have no problem lounging (when the house is finished) in the house on his new sofas. a chair or two, some lamps, quite a few pieces of fun artwork and an ottoman or two. I think I got a side table, too - Oh and a really cool white buffet, with silver door pulls. It was part of a set, but they decided to sell it separately and about 30 minutes after they sold the set, so I got a great price on it -- $50 maybe? Something like that. Awesome Price. Awesome piece.

I have to say - Tom bought the UGLIEST couch. We didn't even bring it home tonight, so no pictures yet, but I hate it. I turned around to look at a table and the next thing I know the woman next to me said - "I can't believe that guy you're with, just bought that!" I thought it was a joke. Seriously. It was truly ugly. I can't wait to see it in the daylight. I hope it improves. He has volunteered to put it up for sale on Craig's List - I just don't think I will be able to stage a house with it.

I just don't want to continue to say how awful I think it is, for fear that someone that reads this will think it is just lovely.

But.... ugh.

I had a really nice time, minus the couch incident. We got several awesome pieces that will work great as staging for Jupiter Court or Springfield. We got some really nice artwork, two floor lamps that match and a few side chairs that will be fun additions to the staging. Oh, I also got some fun bamboo sidetables (they are lightweight!!!) I was not going to get a single table that I couldn't move easily by myself - and those bamboo tables were perfect!! I can even paint them if need be.

I'll take pictures of everything tomorrow I hope. I have to go fix a TV over at one of the rental condo's -- or buy them a new one. So Tom and Robert will be moving all of the furniture tomorrow while I do TV duty. Hopefully I'll catch up with it all and get some photos before it's all piled into a shed.

Have a great day!

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Denise said...

Never did hear about the TV! did you fix it?