Friday, April 25, 2008

First Class Postage

Have you heard the news?

May 12th the new postal rates will be in effect.

You still have time to go to the post office and get the Liberty Bell Forever stamps for 41¢ - they will be available until the 11th of May at 41¢ after that, they will increase to the new postage rate. Remember though, you can use them forever, no matter what price you paid for them.

Here are the new rates...

First-Class Mail letter (1 oz.) $0.42
First-Class Mail letter (2 oz.) $0.59
Postcard $0.27
First-Class Mail large envelope (2 oz.) $1.00
Certified Mail $2.70
First-Class Mail International to Canada and Mexico (1 oz.) $0.72
First-Class Mail International to all other countries (1 oz.) $0.94

a 62¢ stamp will be available shortly after May 12 for 1-ounce nonmachinable First-Class Mail letters, such as square greeting cards.

Have you written a letter lately? One to a friend, a family member, a long lost high school friend. Did you have a pen pal when you were a kid? I haven't written to Ingrid in ages...I will do that. May 12th will be my deadline for getting that fun project finished.

Have a great day!


HonorMommy said...

Hey thanks for posting on my blog! :-D

And thanks for the info about the stamps...I did NOT know you could still use stamps that aren't at the current rate...I have a whole book that I bought before the last rate increase that I let my kids use as "stickers" because I thought I couldn't use them! UGH!!! :-D

Kirby3131 said...
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Kirby3131 said...

You can only use the Liberty Bell Forever stamps at what ever the current first class rate is --- but every time there is a postage increase, the Post office sells one cent or two cent stamps that you put with the old stamps that aren't Forever stamps. No need to ever use them as stickers, unless you want to!

FrazzMom said...

OK- now this is the 2nd post today that I've read inspiring me to sit down and write an actual letter to someone! I guess that Someone is trying to tell me something...