Saturday, April 05, 2008

Cool Building

My husband was taking me around the city of Jacksonville the other day, showing me houses, when we came upon this little gem. It was just the neatest building. We stopped and got a cone, each of us. I got a small one - 3 bites. OK - maybe it was 10 bites but it was just the perfect size. Besides needing a good cleaning, it was just a perfect place. The people who have recently purchased the place were putting up a fence on one side - I guess to protect the picnic table area from the street just steps away.

I have no idea where in Jacksonville this place is located, although I'm sure my husband does - but it is someplace I will try to tell everyone about so it will stay in business for another 50 years.

Have A Great Day!

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Classics and Country said...

That might be the biggest ice cream cone I have seen, Yummy!