Monday, April 28, 2008

Rice Salad

I've been trying to figure out how to get Rice Salad onto my blog. Thanks to Pioneer Woman, I have a great excuse! Pioneer Woman's call for a favorite recipe was just the excuse I needed. Actually, PW (Ree) is giving away a Shiny New KitchenAid 610 Stand Mixer and the qualifications to be a part of it, was to post your favorite recipe that you were willing to share. I posted Rice Salad. All of you 6WBMO friends of mine - turn away. This is not on plan. Probably none of the comments in Ree's give-away are on plan -- but I have a point here.

What was my point?

Oh right, the comments section - when I posted my Rice Salad recipe I was comment #3075 - right now, right at this moment there are 4400 comments. That means that there are probably 4000 recipes there that are family favorites of some kind. 4000 recipes that people make at least once a year and that they serve to their friends and families. If you are ever in a quandary as to what to make for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and any other time, you now have a location.

There are now 4413 comments.

I'm assuming that some of the comments are blank, double posts, questions, comments without a recipe, etc. So that's how I came up with the 4000 recipes.

Here is my submission to PW's site. I had to post it. For one reason, it was the only recipe that I know off the top of my head. It is something that I truly believe should be in everyones recipe box. It is that good. It pretends to be healthy with rice, yogurt and some veggies. The mayo is the deal breaker -- I wonder what this would taste like with real homemade mayo?? Hmmmm, that's something I hadn't thought of... oh goodness. Here's the recipe.

Rice Salad

2 boxes Uncle Ben’s Long Grain and Wild Rice - original recipe (Fast cook is OK, but I prefer the 25 minute kind)
1/4c plain yogurt
1.c Hellman’s Real mayonnaise
1c. cucumber peeled and sliced (I like the English cucumber - just use the whole thing or two)
1c. tomatoes
a few sprigs of fresh parsley chopped

Cook the rice as directed, omitting the butter. After the rice has cooked, mix in yogurt, mayo, cucumber, tomatoes & parsley and serve warm or cold.

I have to admit, I almost always forget the parsley lol I also try real hard not to eat it all when it is freshly made and still warm — oooh lordy, it is wonderful. Rice Salad is a HUGE hit at potlucks and family reunions. It is a staple at nearly all summer family events & bbq’s. Enjoy!

This is the page where my comment is located on PW's site.

4481 comments now (so that's probably 4100 great recipes)

I gave this to my friend Bob and she now takes it to her neighborhood potluck dinners and BBQ's. She calls it the Corlett Michigan Salad. It is requested by friends of hers " sure and bring that rice salad." She lives in New Hampshire, so the Rice salad love is being spread across the United States. Who knows, maybe a few folks from the PW site will make the salad and start passing it on.

I made the rice part of this the morning of my wedding. I think I made 4 or 6 boxes. I thought about taking it to the reception, but as wedding mornings would be...I ran out of time. After our wedding and the reception people started coming over to our house. My mom noticed the GIANT pot of rice on the stove and asked if she could make up the salad. We spent the next few minutes chopping up the cucumbers and tomatoes and soon had a beautiful pot of Rice Salad. I don't recall if we actually got it into a serving dish, but I do know that there wasn't a single spoonful left after about an hour. It was literally inhaled by everyone.

It is that good!

Have a great day!


Kirby3131 said...

PW is at 5001 comments now. Truly amazing that she has that many readers that comment.


Kirby3131 said...

Times Up! 5346 comments (recipes)

WOW - what a resource. I looked through about 2 pages of comments tonight, just scrolling mostly. It is very interesting to see what people eat.


Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Mmmm. This sounds wonderful and so easy. I have copied it into my "to try" file. Thanks.

Denise said...

OK i'm hooked, 6wbmo or nO! Thank you. What a great way to begin and end a wedding day, doing something extraordinarily ordinary.