Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My old room

I had a memory flashback last night. I was back in the old house, the one in Lansing, Mi on Ingersoll Rd. I was laying in my waterbed, with the great dark blue wall paper with the little squares of color, looking at my dresser... My dresser. It was the most unique dresser ever. It was tall - 6 feet tall maybe? No, not that tall - but it was taller than me and I'm 5'2" on a real good day. It had a top portion with two doors, a middle section that was just an open shelf, and it had 3 or 4 large drawers on the bottom. This dresser was covered in a crushed-velvet type of maroon fabric, with Gold trim.

I don't recall how I got that dresser. I don't know if my mother picked it out or if I did - I just know that one day is appeared and I loved it. I really liked that room. I liked the dark wallpaper, the dark blue shag carpet, the stereo system/record player that I got for Christmas one year. My mother told me that I really needed to take care of that stereo system because it cost $142. She said she normally didn't tell me what things cost, but that I needed to know so I would take very good care of it - and I did.

I think one of my sisters used that dresser for awhile, after I left for college.... and after that I really can't remember what happened to it.

Well anyway, I had a fabric covered dresser. With Gold trim. It would be considered very retro today LOL

Have A Great Day!

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amyeile said...

Hi Kristin!

You mentioned your blog in one of the emails about your new neice so I bookmarked your site for when I had a minute.

I remember your room being just like that on Ingersoll. I remember your dresser. It was very cool : )

The other day I was thinking about how the four of us (before Hillary) used to ride in the back of your van, with the seat pulled down into a bed, playing games. There is no way we could get away with that belts you know!

Oh, and ttelroc...I get it : )

See ya soon,