Wednesday, April 02, 2008

WFMW - Greatest Hits

This is a rewind edition of Works for Me Wednesday...This is one of my tips that I thought I'd showcase again...Enjoy!!

Works for me Wednesday

I’ve been reading the WFMW posts for about a month now - you all have some great ideas. This is my first week posting a tip for WFMW, I do hope you enjoy. I love to clean things, but I also want to spend the least amount of effort doing it. I want it to be fast and easy and I don't want to use smelly chemicals. I'm a fan of soap and water.

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I have a love affair with my shower. It is a man made composite material of some sort, it is bright white, it is supposed to look like tile, but it isn’t. It is supposed to look like there is grout between the tiles, but there isn’t - it is just one big plastic-like tub surround...I just love it. I hated it when I first saw it - When I toured other condos in our building I was shocked that even those folks who upgraded their bathrooms, still kept that awful tub surround. THEN I found the trick...

It is a chamois type product - It is called The Absorber - I googled it and this is just one of the many places I found -- The Absorber. It is the best thing EVER. I found mine at Target in the clearance section a few years ago, but now that I know how awesome it is, I would gladly pay the going rate.

When I get done showering, I pick up the absorber from its throne (laying across the tub faucet) and I get it wet -- I then wipe off the walls of my plastic-like tub surround. It takes a moment - maybe three moments. The fake tiles, two years later, look like they have never had a drop of water on them.
The Absorber is stiff like cardboard when it dries - but when you get it wet you can literally roll it up. I have placed it on the floor of the tub so you can get a little bit or perspective on the size of the cloth. Have I mentioned that I love this product!

For the tub, I use a magic eraser once a week - I keep it in the shower and just before I finish up in the shower I just grab the magic eraser and clean the entire tub, hose it down, turn off the water, wipe the walls with my absorber and my tub and shower are tide-clean!
My quick tip - Clean the shower while you're in it.

Have a Great Day!



Anonymous said...


I am definitely going to be on the lookout for the "Absorber" It sounds like a huge time saver! And I do NOT know why I didn't think to use the magic eraser in my shower!

Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you can solve your current "clothing" problem! I try to make sure a new organizing technique is easier or at least AS easy for a family member to adopt than to keep doing what they've always done. Good luck!

chickadee said...

really? i have never heard of that. so it's just a towel thing? no cleanser in it?

modmom said...

sounds good to me.
i love magic erasers too,
but i also never thought to use it in the tub

ttelroc said...

Chickadee - It is just a chamois-like towel that dries your shower walls. If there is nothing on the walls then it can't build up. If I want to actually clean the shower - I take one of those nylon poofs (Round nylon scrubbers) and put a little shampoo on it when I'm in the shower - Use my hand held sprayer and rinse - then use the absorber to wipe down all of the walls. I have never actually cleaned the shower with a cleanser. When I had tile in a previous home, I used a tooth brush and shampoo to clean little sections of grout when I first moved in, but later the nylon poof and shampoo was all I needed because I dried the shower each time.

Julie & modmom - The magic eraser was made for tubs, I swear. The first time you use it you will be amazed at what happens!

I cleaned the bathroom of my renters a few weeks ago (long story) and they called me up and asked how in the world I got their shower stall so clean. I said "Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser." It is awesome.

Thanks for the comments!!

Denise said...

Oh gosh i think i remember the first time you posted this! I think you posted it all over you know where, LOL. glad to see you're back.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm not really anonymous, I'm Kristin's mom. She is a cleaning guru! For my birthday she cleaned my bathroom from top to bottom. It was awesome! She is always sending me new cleaning products which have included the magic eraser as well as the chamois cloth...and, I actually use both of them. Last week I helped do some spring cleaning for one of my fellowship groups that own a house. The two bathrooms & showers really needed cleaning. I showed up with my bucket of supplies which included the magic eraser! The showers were pretty groady. When I was finished they couldn't believe how great it looked. The magic eraser does the trick and it's not that hard or messy or smelly. Just water and elbow grease and it will come out shining. (I was wishing that I could have been "taking a shower", but alas, I had to keep my clothes on!)

ttelroc said...

Mom, what are doing up so late :) Thanks for the comment. I do love a clean bathroom!!!

Have A Great Day!