Wednesday, April 16, 2008

WFMW Pill Container

Welcome to another edition of Works For Me Wednesday! Each week hundreds of people from around the world gather at Rocks in My Dryer for WFMW and share their tips. Please take a look when you have finished here. Thanks & I'll see you again next week.

My fabulous tip this day after tax day (in the United States) is a handy dandy little pill container. This container not only holds my vitamins and my allergy tablet, but it also does a whole lot more! It keeps me on the right day. It helps me remember that I have taken my allergy tablet and I don't double dose myself. I don't know if I have actually double dosed on the allergy meds, but I have NOT taken one because I couldn't remember if I had already. This makes for a terrible evening when the residual medication from the past weeks has worn off. I usually just suffer through the allergy attack so I don't mess with my schedule of taking my vitamins and other assorted good-for-my-body pills in the morning around 9am.

Here is the picture of the pill container that I purchased about a month ago. I chose yellow. Nothing in my bathroom is yellow, so I wanted it to stand out in the crowd - make me aware of the daily habit I was forming -- Take your pills each morning. Take your pills each morning - well you get it. :)

I have also found that taking a multi-vitamin each day (for the past two years) I have physically felt a lot better than I ever had before. (That is an additional tip - take a multi-vitamin each day)

Here is the pill box open - I have a rather large multi-vitamin and a rather large omega-3 fish oil capsule and they fit quite nicely. This is probably a medium sized pill container. They had smaller ones, but I was afraid those fish oil capsules wouldn't fit. I got these at my local grocery store in the vitamin area of the store. $2-$5 depending on your style.

The side benefit of the Days of the Week on the pill box is that I am aware of what day it is! I know that sounds funny, but days can sort of string along without me really knowing if it's Sunday or Monday. Thursday is Survivor day, so I rarely miss that one LOL But seeing the day of the week first thing in the morning sort of cements that in my head for the day. Like I said - that's a side benefit.

Hope you enjoyed my Tip of the Week. I have really been enjoying reading the tips you all send in. Have A Great Day!



AuburnGalAlways said...

I completely understand the whole "days running together" thing. I keep up with the weekdays vicariously through my daughter and school and softball schedules!

Thanks for such a good tip!

Laane said...

I have these boxes too, in red.

They work great for the kids.

Because i need more meds at different times of the day I have a container for weekdays and mornings, afternoons and evenings.

Just perfect.

You can find out what works for me ::here::
Have a wonderful day!

Christine @ Serenity How? said...

I keep thinking I need to get one of these. I used to think they were only for *cough* old *cough* people, but since having kids I don't think that anymore LOL!

Good reminder and great post.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your terrific comment. Using frozen "tea cubes" - I never made the connection. Love it! :)