Friday, April 11, 2008

Jupiter Court Day 1

I just woke up from my nap on the couch. It's 9pm. Before that I had dinner and Tom and I were watching Shepard Smith. I like Shep. He's a hoot. I don't normally fall asleep in the middle of his show, but I did - I made it to nearly 7:45pm. I think I'm going to write this, take a shower and go to bed. We are going to start early again tomorrow.

So I started with the end, but the beginning went pretty well today, too. Tom left our house early this morning and arrived on Jupiter Ct around 8am. The two guys Tom has hired to help were there and the three of them tore apart things that needed to be torn apart. The bathroom and the walls between the bathroom and the masterbedroom, the kitchen cabinets, the wall between the kitchen and the laundry room (for some reason they have only destructed one side of that wall) and the ceiling in the livingroom. The dumpster didn't arrive until 4pm, so all of this destruction was piled in the house. I do have to say that these boys did a real nice job of making piles of rubble and stacking stuff so that there was a lot of room to walk.

When the dumpster did arrive it was placed right next to the house and just about 6" from a window - which turned out to be ideal. I took it upon myslef to start tossing the debris into the dumpster and having that window opening was perfect. I spent about two hours tossing trash. Every muscle gets used tossing trash, even if all you have to do is pick it up and maneuver it out the window and toss. The cabinets in the kitchen weren't regular cabinets, they were actually made right in place. Getting them out required a ton of effort. In fact the base cabinets are still not all the way out after day one. Anyway, the sheer number of nails in the cabinets is mind boggling. Maybe I should have taken a picture of some of the pieces. Clearly someone enjoyed using a hammer. I am covered in scrapes and scratches from all of those nails and assorted other jagged pieces of wood and debris. Most of them I didn't feel at all, but tonight when I washed up with some hydrogen peroxide, I felt them.

I spent most of the day sitting at home waiting on the FedEx guy to arrive with Tom's medication. Since we have to sign for the package and they don't deliver on Weekends, it was very important that someone be here to answer the door. So, I watched HGTV for a few hours while I did laundry, cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed. Later I watched "The Jazz Singer" that I had recorded on the DVR sometime last week. (It was only given one star --- I would have given it at least two!) Finally at 2:45pm he finally arrives and I'm out the door over to our new home.

Tomorrow I am to start the crew off at 8am. I went over to our garage unit this evening and got some shovels and brooms, two garden hoses and some buckets. We can at least clean off a bit tomorrow with the hoses and the shovels are going to be key in getting all the tile out of the kitchen after it has been broken.

I think that is pretty much the highlights of Day One of the Jupiter Court flip. Come back tomorrow night for Day two!

Have a Great Day!

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