Monday, April 21, 2008

New Shoes

My feet were hurting something horrible this morning. The ball of my foot was nearly numb. It was a very strange sensation. I knew I needed a new pair of tennis shoes, especially with all of this contruction going on - I was doing a lot of just standing around and standing on concrete...but this foot thing was almost unbearable and I'd only had my shoes on for about an hour.

So I took off the shoes and made a thorough inspection of my socks and the inside of my shoes and finally I turned my shoes over. I had a nail in one shoe and three staples in the other. All of these items were imbedded in the "Air Pockets" of the shoes. The staples had let the air out of that shoe - but I think the nail had pierced and plugged the hole in the other shoe. I was seriously walking funny.

I had said something today about my weird walk to my family in an email, funny I should bring it up again. I do walk funny, I can feel it sometimes, but this shoe thing was not comfortable.

So, I went and bought two new pairs of shoes. I buy the same shoes again and again and the same socks, too.

White Ryka womens size 9 wide tennis shoes from Lady FootLocker

Lady FootLocker almost always has them at 2 pair for $89 - so I buy two pair. One pair for now and one for later LOL

I also buy 3-6 pair of Womens Crew socks - White CoolMax socks.

They are the only socks I wear. I LOVE THEM!!

When I get new shoes, I almost always buy new socks and then go to my sock drawer and toss 3-6 pairs of the old socks. This trip I bought 6 pair.

The shoes I just retired I got out of the box just before Thanksgiving. The nail and staples made the demise of these shoes a bit quicker - but not too bad. Usually I wear a pair of tennis shoes for 6-7 months.

My feet felt MUCH better and the numbness went away almost immediately when I switched shoes. I'm so glad I had the time to get the shoe thing fixed today. I don't think I could have lasted another day.

Have a Great Day!

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Denise said...

sounds a little like the princess and the pea!