Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Big Give

I watched all of the Big Give episodes on ABC, in fact the finale was just this past Sunday. It was so exciting to see all of the ways that the contestants reached out to communities and made a huge difference in peoples lives. It also helped me to see all of the ways that I could be helping others, even in small ways. AND, the shows also let me know that I am a giver right now. I may not be doing all I can, all the time, but I do give and I do go out and make a point of giving. That's nice to know. :0)

The reason for this post is about one of the top 4 contestants, Rachael. I learned a lot about myself when watching her, but just learned a whole lot more this evening, so I thought I'd share. Rachael was something. She was driven, annoying, stubborn and focused and at times she was all consuming, but the most incredible thing about her was that she just didn't get it. IT being the big picture. She thought she got it, but she didn't. Oprah has had all of the contestants on her show after they have been eliminated and Rachael was no exception. However, when Oprah interviewed Rachael on the Oprah Show section, Rachael was asked if she would do anything different in regards to her last "Big Give" and Rachael said no. The collective gasp was audible. I even sucked in my breath. How could she NOT see her error??? Oprah immediately said that they were going to talk after the show and that the audience could read/see more about the conversation online. So I did. Oprah literally tells Rachael that she had a lot to learn and that she needed to step back and see the lesson. The chat that Oprah and Rachael had is right here...Rachael learns about Ego. It is 15 minutes long and it is an incredible learning experience for more than just Rachael. I got a ton out of it. Oprah talks a lot about the Eckhart Tolle book and class that she is doing, but you don't have to be reading that book to understand this segment.

How many times have I heard - "You have to get out of your own way" So true so true. I hope that you will go and listen to the 15 minute segment. The very last minute is incredibly poignant, so don't rush out of the viewing before it's over.

I know I'm not even close to perfect lol I also like to think that I get all of my lessons. I know that there are observers of my life that shake their heads and think -- She Doesn't Get It! Here's to hoping that I can get the lesson, too. (and don't have to go on national TV to get the lesson)

Have a Great Day!

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Denise said...

I KNEW that's what you were saying everytime i chased you around a bush. Of course, i was saying the same thing in my mind, LOL!