Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Patio Door

You wouldn't imagine that I have any other life other than these flip houses. Let me tell ya, the dishes have piled up this week. I actually (gasp) used the dishwasher today. The sheer number of glasses and plates was a bit overwhelming, so I decided to just chuck everything into the dishwasher (the first time this year I do believe) and get it done quickly. I just had to wash up the cutco knives and the countertop and cutting board and viola! The kitchen was clean.

OK, so about this patio door - this was for the Jupiter house. The first thing that you all need to know is that we did not get a French Door, we got a Patio Door. My Dear Husband says that a French Door is one that swings INTO the room and an OUTSWING door (like we purchased) is called a patio door. The patio door looks exactly like a french door - however, in this case, it has two doors and they both open. :)

Originally we wanted a 5' Patio door for the kitchen area, but of course it wasn't in stock the day we needed it, so we got the 6' Patio door. My contractor, Dan, had a heck of a time getting that sucker into it's spot in the kitchen wall. It was a rough Friday afternoon for him, that's for sure. After several hours, many gutteral sounds, some swings of the sledge hammer and a lot of liquid nails, the doors are in place. Whooo Hoooo!

Tom hired two guys to clean out the crawl space under the house of all the debris that ended up under there, to pull nails, sweep up, demo the kitchen walls and a few other projects - boy were they a great find. The house is really shaping up. I think I'm going to sneak over there today with the vacuum and do a little "extra" dust removal.

Have a great day!

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