Sunday, April 13, 2008

Juptier Day Three

Day Three arrived with rain for about half of the day. This was actually a real good thing because the boys needed to take off some of the siding and it really minimized the dust. The siding was from 1947 so it was more than likely asbestos. We got the boys respirators and followed all of the codes. The small area that we needed to come off was very easy to work with and came off without any troubles, thankfully.

We ended up having a full day of clean-up left on the house. We had a crew of five until 1:30pm when two of them had other plans. Then the three remaining, plus Tom and I went into overdrive to get that place cleaned up. The debris in the closet, bathroom area seemed to multiply throughout the day. It was almost finished when bam - something new was discovered and needed to be demo'd. We found some cool old tile - the octogon shaped small tiles in blue with white flowers. That was an unexpected find. I'll post a picture tomorrow.

The chimney is cool, too. It isn't needed anymore since there is no longer a furnace needing to use it - so to add space to the bathroom, masterbed room project, we are demolishing the chimney. I am not sure who is doing that or when it is going to happen, but I'm excited about it. The top of the chimney is red brick, the middle is white brick and the bottom is cinder block. It looks like the white bricks have almost completely pulled away from the mortar and is just locked in like a puzzle piece. I hope the white bricks are individual because I'd like to save them for a gardening project for that house. We'll just have to see I guess. If nothing else I'll save what I can and make a stepping stone out of them lol

I pulled staples out of the ceiling today. I started this project on Friday, but didn't really get much accomplished until today. Each 12" square acoustic tile was set in place with three staples. Thankfully the staples used just barely stuck into the wooden strips mounted on the ceiling, so they were fairly easy to get out with a pair of pliers. However, my middle finger on my right hand is starting to get a blister. I can see it. I went around and showed the soon to be blistered finger to all of the worker bees this afternoon. They all told me I should probably call it quits for the day. I'm so glad that they understood the joking nature of the "soon to be blistered finger" because those boys worked so hard today. I wouldn't want them to think that I was that much of a whiner LOL

Speaking of whining. I'm so tired! I'm so sore! My feet hurt! my legs, my arms, my fingers, my scalp, everything. It feels good in a way but not that good! The next few weeks I will more of an observer to the house being recreated, so it is nice that I got to help right away in the beginning. I love seeing all of the layers in the floors (even though they are so hard to remove!) and when you think you have hit the last layer, another is revealed - like the unexpected tile in the bathroom. Part of the floor had been removed at one time and that tile had been replaced, but some was left behind for us to find. And we are leaving it behind for someone else to find. I love the tiny closets with the wooden shelves and the notches cut out for the rods. I love the hardwood floors being revealed. This really is a great project.

See you tomorrow for Day four! (And an update on the Springfield house)


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