Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Flipping saga

This is the garage. The original color of the whole house and garage was this green color. I think it is pretty cool looking. I know that on "Little House on the Praire," they didn't have such bright colors, but the way this "window" is cut out and the way the paint has worn, immediately made me think of "Little House."

There was T-111 on the outside of this garage that was torn off one of the demo days. Now this original siding is going to be covered up again, I think. But whatever happens, the garage is going to look like the rest of the house & the whole place is going to be painted yellow. A yellow house with white trim and dark green accents. It is going to be lovely.

The electricians came today. We marked out all the spots for eletrical outlets, lights, smoke detectors, cable TV and Internet, telephone and under cabinet lighting for the kitchen. Also the exterior lights, washer and dryer and other assorted necessities.
Do you see where the electrical service comes stright to the very top of the front of the house? I didn't like that. So the electricians, whos trucks say "We fix your shorts" and "watts your problem", are going to move that main line to the side, on the next highest peak. It will be much nicer looking.

I am really hoping that the awning will get removed sometime tomorrow.

The flooring was removed entirely in the kitchen and in the bathroom area. All the way down to the sandy soil below. The plywood subfloors were just aweful, however the main support beams for the house are really solid. I guess they are incredibly hard - the contractors said that the wood is so hard that if termites do ever decide to munch on this house, they'd eat the drywall before they'd ever eat the support beams...they are just too dense and don't hold a drop of moisture. Good to know.

So that's what has happened these past two days -- More demo, no floors, electricians arrived, and work is going at a steady pace. I'm quite pleased with the process.

Have a great day!

Ooooh, and I'm going to put captions in the pictures I posted the other day. I'm going to do that right now.

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