Saturday, April 12, 2008

Jupiter Day Two

It didn't start off well today - Everyone agreed at 8am, so I arrived at 8am and not a soul showed up until 9. I would have loved an extra hour of sleep this morning instead of sitting at a house with no workers.

The day picked up though - Bill (carpenter) arrived with Robert (who is our carpenter and who is going to live in the Springfield flip) & he brought along Dean. Those three got to work right away (the steam coming from my ears might have helped) and then about an hour later Tom arrived with Glen and Jerry. They all worked real hard today. We got a lot done & the 30 yard dumpster is nearly full.

I found out something interesting from the neighbor - there are two large holes, one on either side of the driveway, she said that area used to have palm trees. I wondered what had been there. Since this house was a foreclosure, the guy dug up the palms and sold them. He also sold the furnace/Air Conditioner unit and all of the appliances, but I hear that's typical. I didn't realize that plantings were normally dug up and sold though.

Here is what was completed today...or finished since yesterday.

-the wall between the master bedroom and bath - gone (there was a closet inbetween, too)

- the entire bathroom gutted

- Furnace room next to bathroom torn down. We are going to put the new air handler in the attic space.

- former coat closet/storage area , nearly gutted. It houses the electrical panel, so that wall was left intact, but the rest is gone.

-The kitchen cabinets - all gone.

- The kitchen floor. Oh goodness, this was horrid. The floor was nailed down, more nailed down than I had ever seen in my life. It took about 6 hours for these guys to get the floor up. It has a subfloor, then a particle board floor, then two layers of lino, then cement board, then tile. The cement board was nailed with 2" nails, 4-6 nails per square foot. This is just one of the things you find when redoing a home... people do the strangest things! The cement board could have just been glued and that would have made this job a 1-2 hour job.

- the exterior of the garage was rotting, so that wood has been removed.

- The insulation was just loose stuff. Most of it is now gone, everywhere where we took out walls or ceilings.

- The laundry room floor is being removed. That isn't done yet.

- The wall between the laundry room and kitchen has been removed. (We are making the kitchen a few feet larger, since the laundry room was so large.)

-We had one guy bagging trash all day. Most of it was plaster and insulation from the masterbedroom, bath, storage area.

-the carpets in the other two bedrooms were removed & revealed that the hardwood floors are still excellent.

All of our carpenters and workers are coming back tomorrow. The kitchen floor really held us up and we need to get another days worth of demo done before Monday morning when the Contractor, Dan, comes ready to work.

That was today. I will post pictures shortly.

I may post those photos after I have a bath. :)

Have a Great Day!

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