Monday, April 14, 2008

Springfield Days 1 & 2

The Springfield house is getting renovated fast and furious. On day one (Sunday the 13th) we got the carpet and padding out, the toilet, sink and vanity removed, the floor in the kitchen and the entire floor in the bathroom (all the way down to the ground, literally) and the refrigerator moved from the kitchen to the lawn.

Today, day two, Robert and a new guy, they call Pops worked on repairing the floor in the bathroom, removed all the kitchen cabinets and the stove. Tom is planning on listing the cabinets and the stove on Craigs List or on FreeCycle. They are good enough to use again, that's for sure.

I took pictures last night before a lot of the kitchen demo - but I did get a picture of the beginning of the Hole in the Floor in the bathroom before I left for home. I want to go over tomorrow and see what's happening. Robert and Pops are supposed to be there at 8am.

I suggested that instead of demolishing the chimney (which is no longer needed) and demolishing the pantry, that we keep it and take down the wall between the dining room and kitchen and just expand the kitchen that way. I think that just taking out the wall would be much less mess and time consuming and would give a much more open concept. Taking out the chimney would give us an additional 4 square feet. I think we can leave those feet for someone else to demo if they'd like.

Tom really liked my plan for the kitchen and thinks that is the way to go... so that's the plan! I'm excited. I didn't even have to explain why my idea was better! LOL

I'll post this and then get the pictures in on the other computer.

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