Wednesday, April 30, 2008

WFMW - sleeping haven

Welcome to another edition of Works For Me Wednesday! Each week hundreds of people from around the world gather at Rocks in My Dryer for WFMW and share their tips. Please take a look when you have finished here. Thanks & I'll see you again next week.

My Tip this week is about creating a great sleeping and resting place in the Masterbedroom. When I was a kid, all I had was my bedroom. I will admit it was a disaster. I was a kid, though, and the pressures of the world weren't on me yet, but even then I never slept with anything else on my bed except for me and the comforter.

When I was on my own finally and figuring out life, I learned a valuable lesson - Never bring anything into the Masterbedroom. I expanded that to include NOT sleeping with the bed half full of junk. Have your bed, nightstands, clock, lamps and your one or two books, but that's it folks. Don't pile up your laundry, your stash and dash laundry baskets of clutter from other rooms, luggage, paperwork, childrens toys, etc. If your bedroom is for sleeping and relaxing, then make that room a haven by keeping all of the clutter of life out of it. Having piles of possessions hovering around you all night is distracting, even if you don't realize it. I have met people who do paperwork in their bed and then fall asleep with the paperwork still on their beds. Please don't do this to yourself. Get everything off the bed that doesn't belong. You deserve to have a peaceful place to sleep.

I have pack-rat-abilities and I have a few closets stuffed with STUFF! I have clutter and paper piled high in some places. I have a little storage closet that is so full, oh my, I may never find anything in there again this year, but I truly, honestly have a minimalist bedroom. It is easy to keep dusted, vacuumed and tidy. I don't trip on anything or stub my toes when making my way to bed. Keeping all of the drama of life out of the bedroom makes it a very peaceful place indeed.

It took me years to figure this out - "Don't bring anything into the Masterbedroom" and I am so happy to pass this tip along to you today.

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Mamabug said...

Good idea! I'm working my way there. We turned our bed away from the door and put bookshelves behind the headboard to simulate a dividing line between clutter to be sorted and our "sleeping area". It has helped quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! You have kicked me into gear.

I HATE my room right now. It is currently the holding place for the items we've decided to donate while spring cleaning my daughter's room (we're not finished yet). If I remove stuff from her room, she is much less likely to change her mind about giving it away. I just need to take it all the way downstairs and INTO THE VAN!

I also still have not fully unpacked from our vacation trip at the end of March, so there are three half-full suitcases cluttering up the room. (they are full of winter gear, so I haven't needed anything inside them.)

I also haven't finished painting it since we had our house re-piped because I ran out of paint and the color matching process was NOT successful (4 tries). So I finally bought all new paint and I have to start over. I've been dreading it. (vaulted ceilings, giant wall unit) The painting ladder has been in my walk in closet for months.

I want my haven.

(thanks for the visit and the comment)

Gettysburg Mom said...

oh- I need to implement this! The laundry is stacked on the dresser...Thanks for stopping by...I want the giant rabbit- We have a dwarf rabbit, so I suspect I'm out of luck! Thanks again!

Denise said...

Thanks for the tip Kristen. Now my bed is only half full of junk rather than 3 quarters full! Ahhhhh...