Monday, April 14, 2008

Jupiter Day Three

Tom and I met with Dan and Kenny (The contractors) today to finalize the plans for the bathrooms. I say finalize, but we never actually had anything written - just that we wanted there lol With all of the walls & ceilings down it was so much easier to measure and map out the spaces today. The floors have outlines of toilets and tubs and vanities and showers. It is fun. The master bedroom gained about 18 square feet. The master closet went from a 4 square foot space to a small walk in closet. The master bathroom will have a large shower, toilet and vanity. The main bathroom will have the tub/shower vanity and toilet. The chimney in this house will be torn down because we have it all exposed right now and that space will become the new linen closet. The linen closet that is in the house now will be a part of the second bedroom closet and will double that space.

Dan and Kenny have inspected the walls in the kitchen and we have all determined that we need to demo the kitchen we'll call the demo guys back this week and get that all torn out.

If nothing else this house has officially lost weight! We have taken off the plaster walls and layers and layers of flooring. The chimney is thousands of pounds, too. We are replacing concrete and brick steps with decking and we are taking off the horrible front awning and replacing it with a pergola. The lighter and brighter tone of the house is going to make it lovely! I can hardly wait to have it finished and I'm only on day three.

Have A Great Day!

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