Sunday, April 20, 2008

Zora's Haircut

Zora cut her own hair yesterday -- My Mother sent an email out last night that Zora had cut her hair but it wasn't terribly clear as to what really happened, so here is todays message to explain to all of us...

Judith: (AKA my Mother, Nana) So….first of all I was so exhausted I couldn’t even write a coherent email! Anyway, I had told Zora that she needed to play by herself for a bit while I did up the dishes…… just a couple of minutes she called down “Nana, come look what I’ve done”. I thought it was another art project. She had taken her kid scissors and trimmed her hair! She had dropped each clipping into the wastebasket, and was quite proud of herself. The result was about 4 chunks from the front bangs area…farther back so now it will stick straight up for a while (about ¼ to ½ inch long at the most), one spot that is right at the scalp in the front. Then she trimmed both sides a bit. (That part actually looks okay :o))………….Her mom is beside herself thinking Zora looks yucky. The whole thing is pretty funny. I don’t know if she gets to ever spend the night with me again or not! :o))

I spoke with Alison on the phone this morning and she was just beside herself at the condition of Zoras hair. She wanted to have a 4th birthday photo (her bday is next week) and now she is thinking it will be hard to get a good picture. Alison also said that they were just starting to put Zora's hair back into a ponytail, a little one, but a ponytail nonetheless. The new haircut just won't look as lovely in a pnytail, I guess.

Next, I received an email from Jim, the daddy in this family and he said this...

Jim: (AKA Daddy, my Brother in Law, Alison's husband) Here are some pics for everyone. (Posted in the message just before this one) Little baby is super cute. I am beside myself. She is so sweet. Zora is just too excited by all of this. She fell asleep with her butt up in the air, flat on her face on the couch this afternoon. She slept that way for an hour, before finally moving. Poor thing. Her hair isn't that bad.

Before and After!!

It is so funny how she looks like a different kid - not because of the haircut, but because of the smile LOL

Have a Great Day!

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