Thursday, April 17, 2008

Electricians, Plumbers & Contractors

Today was a pretty good day. The contractor arrived before 9, so did the electrician and his workers. The plumber who didn't arrive yesterday, did in fact get there 4:48pm.

I don't have one problem at all with my contractor, Dan. He is great. He is nice, respects my opinion, gives me his and then quickly says "I can do what you want in 5 minutes, but I gotta know now" LOL He likes to just keep going. I thought the shower was too small (and it is) so he and Tom and the plumber all measured out a new shower and what walls would need to be moved. It wasn't going to be a big deal at all --- until all of a sudden we realized that the linen closet would now be 9" deep. The shower and walls and everything are back to the original small size.

The deal with the shower is this -- when they were measuring it out the other day, I suggested quite strongly that the shower area was not large enough and I asked for them to figure out a new configurations to make that shower bigger. In the end, I thought the shower had been increased...until today when I saw the chalk lines and the studs were put into place. Dan very patiently measured everything, told me how easy it would be to move the studs since they had just been put up and there wasn't any drywall put up, etc. So we measured again and again and again. The shower is going to be 36" square. There just isn't any other way for it to be. That's a pretty small shower for this day and age. Bummer.

What do you think -- should a 36" square shower have a shower curtain or a glass door?

The electricians put the main electrical panel in the wrong spot. The wall that had PANEL written in HUGE letters was mysteriously torn out and the panel was installed across the hall. It isn't a huge deal, but the darn thing is in the middle of the hallway. I didn't want it there. I wanted it at the end of the hall. grrrrrr

That was todays saga. Tomorrow begins at 8am. :)

Have a great day!

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