Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This is George. He's My Neighbor that I spoke of exactly a month ago. We had a luncheon with him a few days ago - Tom and I and 7 other neighbors from our building. It was very nice.

One of the guests, Jim, got up and gave a speech about the type of man that George is and how much we have all learned from him. He talked of his love for the United States and how George is probably one of the most patriotic men he's ever met. Jim knows about patriotism - he was in the Navy and then was in the Army. He was some sort of "brass" as my husband says.

Then the men all stood up and sang a song that Jim said was an Army song.

We hate to see you go
We hate to see you go
We hope to heck you never come back
We hate to see you go

When the men were singing the whole restaurant stopped to listen. It was so funny. George was pleased and laughed at the "never come back" part.

George and I took this photo a few weeks back in front of the elevator. It's not our best photo, but it is the only one of us, so I love it.

Yesterday the movers came.

Usually George buys top shelf stuff, but he was off his rocker the day he contracted with these yahoos. They were supposed to take two days. One day to pack all of the things that George didn't already pack and the second day to load the truck. Well, they didn't do that. They packed up only about half the stuff. Even though I tried to step in have them pack more, they just wouldn't do it.

"I do it right for George" they'd say.

Well, I'd like to see how'd they do better by him, instead of just right.

So, they convinced George that they could get the whole truck loaded in just one day and George agreed that they could start loading the truck. This was the wrong thing to say. The movers completely underestimated the time it was going to take to pack up the truck. They kept saying - 3 hours.

It started pouring rain last night around 6pm. The movers were moving his stuff in the pouring rain, George was now incredibly tired and getting confused. Tom and I "parked" ourselves in the garage (it's the covered garage area for our building) and decided to just stay with George and try to keep him calm. Around 9pm George was so tired we decided to send him to the hotel where he was staying.

I told George that I would make sure that everything got on the truck. This was at 9pm, approx. 6 hours after the 3 hour estimate. Thankfully, George left and got to sleep.

Tom and I however, were in for a long night.

The movers finally got the doors shut on the truck at 1:30am.

George came over today to say goodbye and Thanks, but to also tell us that they movers haven't made it to their destination yet. They got stopped at a truck inspection station for bad tires. They have to get new tires installed before they can continue.

Oh geez.

I guess his possessions will arrive tomorrow instead of today.

Thankfully I didn't burst into tears again, but I did kiss George on the cheek and wished him a great life living near his Children and Grandchildren. It will be a great gift to them.

We are going to miss you George,


Ruth Ann said...

That's such a great story! You are such a wonderful friend! I wish I lived in your building! I went back and read your post about George...it's soo cute that he considered you his "girlfriend!" Old men are soo cute! Have a great day!

Kirby3131 said...

Thanks Ruth Ann! :)

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Awwww! How sweet! There is nothign like good firends! I am sure George would echo that.