Friday, April 17, 2009

Garage Sale

Less stuff.

I've really wanted to get rid of my stuff for a long time. Not all of it, but a lot of it. I have two garages that are filled to the brim with stuff that I don't want.

When I went to the Transplant Support group a week ago, one of the ladies said that her neighborhood was having a garage sale this weekend. I picked up on that so fast it made her head spin. I asked her if I could join her in her sale and also work it with her. She agreed!!

I have lived in the worst places to have a garage sale for the past 15 years. For the past 6, I've lived in gated communities where there is a ban on yard sales. When my husband and I moved to Florida we had an auction to get rid of our excess stuff (or some of it!) and we got rid of about a third. We really needed to only keep a third and sell the rest.

I cleaned out my computer room the other day so that the computer guy could find everything and not trip over anything. I put everything into our spare bedroom. Ugh. It's full. The cat has a path to the bed, but that's about it.

So, this week I cleared out my stuff and I took it over to my friends house for a garage sale. I can't wait. I normally just give my stuff to GoodWill or the Salvation Army drop off centers, but it would be really nice to collect some cash for the upcoming trip to Ireland.

I went through the cookbooks, kitchen drawers, the bathroom closet, the guest room, all the closets in the house and the two garages.

I have linens - so many piles of linens. These are going to the Lending Closet that we have for the Transplant Patients and those that are not needed will be placed in the garage sale.

I have so many things that didn't work for the rental condos, that I've just kept around and I don't use. Those things are going straight to the garage sale.

I was brutal in my giving to the lending closet and to put in the sale. I loaded up the car three times.

Now lets hope that this sale is a good one. It's supposed to be a great day - mid 70s and mostly sunny. The advertised time is from 8-12 but I hope that people keep coming until 2pm or until I completely sell out. The remaining items that can't be used by the Lending Closet will be driven over to GoodWill and dropped off. It's not coming back into my home or garage.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Ruth Ann said...

OOOH a garage sale! I stopped at three today! I absolutely LOVE garage sales! They're my weakness! I wish I had money to fly to your garage sale! I'd bet I'd find a lot of cool things! Are there garage sales all year in Florida? I wish I lived in a place where we had garage sales all year!

Anonymous said...

I am seriously, SERIOUSLY jealous of the purging. I want LOTS of stuff out of my house, but I just don't have time to get it all out in one big load. I have to keep taking small batches out of here. We took a truck bed full to a charity on Sunday afternoon. But there's so. much. more. stuff.

Keetha said...

Did you put this* at the end just for me????

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Sharinskishe said...

Wonderful! However I am sooooooo glad that I live in Utah or I would be there and filling up my garage!!

I already have a garage full and a storage unit from when we moved into this house.

I am going to have to be brutal when I purge. I am hoping that if I take photos of things I want to keep, but don't need, that I will be able to let these things go. I'll have the photo to look at and the memories in my heart.

I am a pack rat by nature and I have a rough time getting rid of things. What a curse!! And I always see a need for keeping something.

If I go to Goodwill, DI (Deseret Industries) here in Utah, or a Dollar Store; I always need things I didn't need!!!! It is awful. But I have got some great bargains!! lol......

Anyway, I wish you great success!! and some fun with it!! It would be great to add some money to the Ireland coffer.

Take care and good luck.


Kirby3131 said...

Ruth Ann - My items were very popular. There are garage sales probably from March - October is the bulk of them. I had a lot of cool things :)

Julie - The sale was just 8-12 and the charity van came around at 1:30pm to pick up the remainders. (if it was placed at the curb) So that was awesome, I didn't have to haul it off, they just took it.

Keetha - Yes I did! I thought about putting a smiley face after it, but I couldn't find a graphic LOL

Shari - I used to be like that. I bought bargain after bargain and filled up my place. That's why I have such great stuff LOL. I think you were lucky you weren't in FL this week. :)


Alison said...

I'm glad your sale went well. I pack up bags about every month of something and donate it. The garage sales in my neighborhood have a pretty weak turn out. But every year around this time I start the major closet and basement purge. However, I do love to hit the garage sales. I have found the best kids toy and books. At least that stuff doesn't go unused!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

I hope you have more luck than I did. I made about 115 bucks. Enough for some dinner and rinks with the girls when I go on my beach trip with the girls laster this week. I had hoped for more. I wish I lived close enough to come to yours. Going to sales is much more fun than having them!

Kirby3131 said...

Alison, we have a drive through drop off where I give stuff each week or so. I haven't had a garage sale in several years, so this was fun.

Leigh, Oh dear, $115 isn't a whole lot, but then again it's dinner and drinks :) A few times this morning I thought about the fact that we were doing the same thing, at the same time...haha!