Thursday, April 30, 2009


This is one of my favorite things to see in a kitchen. A plate, a papertowel and a set of tongs. It means that something special is about to happen.

Today that something special was Applewood Smoked Bacon!

Oh my goodness, it smelled so good as it was cooking.

It's almost like a beach - all the little bacons laying on the towel.

Here they are, all piled up on a pretty plate.

This is the beginning of BLT night.

My husband had a traditional BLT in sandwich for for his dinner. Since I can't eat bread (it's a diabetes thing) I make mine a Bacon and Tomato salad with a mayo dressing. I use about 1 teaspoon of mayo and 1 teaspoon of milk and whisk it together to thin it down enough to coat the lettuce. My lettuce portion was a mixture of spinach, red and green butter lettuces, celery, carrots, green onions and fresh dill. I spice it up onion powder, garlic powder, & parsley flakes.

I forgot to mention the tomato. It's called an UglyRipe Tomato and it has taste! It's an heirloom tomato that is actually sold in my local grocery store. Ohh goodness they are good.

The applewood smoked bacon is so flavorful that I only needed two pieces, but I could have eaten that whole plateful!

Is there a favorite food or dish that you've reworked into a different way?

I linked this up to Ann Kroekers Food on Friday. I haven't participated in this carnival before but this week I've chatted about food so much, I decided I must participate :)

Thanks Ann! Please be sure to go over to Ann Kroeker's place to see what others are cooking up.

Have a great day!


Ruth Ann said...

Oooh that looks soo good! I like how you use it for a salad! I have to try that sometime! Yesterday I went down to my father-in-laws to borrow his oven and I made a meatloaf. I just love meatloaf! Anyway my dad was over helping with the remodel and he ask for some bread. He ate a slice of meatloaf as a sandwich. I tried it and instead of ketchup I put on A1 steak sauce! It was sooo good! I'm going to eat my meatloaf like that more often!

Kirby3131 said...

Ruth Ann - that sounds good. My husband uses BBQ sauce on his meatloaf. Have you tried my Meatloaf recipe? I think I posted here on my blog. Let me go see if I can find it. Goodness, it's real good, too.

Here it is! Kristin's Meatloaf

Keetha said...

Yum yum!! That looks delicious.

Of course, being a Wisconsin dairy gal, I'd have had to add some grated cheese - - - but your version does look yummy!!!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

WOw! That does look good! I am re working things all the time to meet my vegetarian palate. Nightly I serve my family a meat dish, and I make my own version of it that makes a vegetarian approve. I have gotten very good at it!

Sharinskishe said...

Are you trying to make me hungry? I think your salad looks, looks....... well delicious, awesome, wonderful, died-n-went-to-heaven..... I can't get the right words!!

I have a thing with bread too, store bought usually sends my sugars for a loop, but I am not ready to give it up yet.

So I am imagining your salad on a piece of freshly baked bread and I imagine it would be very desirable.

(I actually get along with my homemade bread very well.But I am only borderline Diabetic, that might be my saving grace.)

Anyway, thanks for such lovely eye candy and post. I hope you have an awesome weekend.


Tracy said...'re making me hugry~

Alison said...

I absolutely love BLTs and I have made a salad version when I was out of bread. Very tasty. And on the topic of meat loaf (I read your recipe link) we make it with ground turkey, 1 egg, bread crumbs, carrots, celery, onion and worcestershire...and what other spices we feel like. It is so lean and never sticks. You do have to pour the liquid out about 20 minutes before its done though. Yummy.

jb said...

OMG! Feed me now!

Sonshine said...

yummy!! BLT salad! When I was growing up my mom and I would fix wilted BLT salad...salad greens with the fixings, crumbled up bacon and cornbread and then drizzle a bit of the hot/warm bacon grease over top the salad instead of dressing. Yummy! I know that it isn't the best way to eat a salad with bacon grease on it but oh was it good! :)

I also make a BLT pasta salad which is similar to your way of doing the BLT salad but you add pasta twists into it. :) Getting to be summertime so that salad will come back out on the menu. :)

Thanks for stopping by! :)

"J" said...

I love that plate!!!! Love the color!!!!!!

Your BLT salad looks yummy!!!!!