Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cookie Cutters

It's almost too late for this post, but I'm going to do it anyway. Today is Thrifty Thursday over at Leigh's Tales from Bloggeritaville. She hosts this carnival each week, but THIS week, she is off on a Beach weekend with her friends! (The nerve lol) So, Chandy of What Now Tablescapes, has graciously agreed to host Thrifty Thursday while Leigh is of town. So please hop on over to Chandy's and check out who else has joined in this weeks carnival.

I think it was almost a year ago that I went to an estate sale with my Mother. In fact we went to that sale three times that day. We kept thinking about things that we saw. However, on that first trip I saw these cookie cutters and I snatched them up. I grew up using a few of these shapes for our Christmas sugar cookies and have always wanted to have some like it. I think these were 25¢ each. Truly a thrifty thrifty deal.
I remember when I would show my friends the cookie cutters this one was the "stumper." It does look kind of odd, but once you know that the big square on the one side is a sack full of toys, then the guesses all come around to Santa!

This little cutter was not in the estate sale finds, but my mother did own one and I've also been looking for it (with the little hole cutter still intact) and hadn't found one...until a few weeks ago.

I went across the hall to my 85 year old neighbor's home to ask her for a wine cork. She told me to start opening up the drawers in the kitchen because she was sure they were in one of the drawers. One of the drawers I opened had this biscuit cutter in there and I commented that my mother had one of those.

We found the corks, I thanked her & told her that I needed to be on my way. The next thing I know, she's pressing the biscuit cutter into my hand saying that she hasn't used it ages and she wants me to take it home with me. Once Virginia gets something in her mind, you can't say no. I've learned that about her. So I graciously accepted the gift and beamed for a whole day.

Those are my Thrifty finds for this week. One freebie and $1.25 out of pocket for a small bit of childhood nostalgia.

Thanks for stopping by!


Keetha said...

I love them and I've used some exactly like them in my past too!!!

BTW - - - it's NEVER too late to post. :-)

Kirby3131 said...

I thought it was too late to post for Thrifty Thursday. Works for me Wednesday closes their links at 8pm - so that's what I was referring to.

We're twins, Keetha! :)

Chandy said...

You found some real gems! i'd love some great cookie cutters! I'm glad you joined us today!

jennifer said...

I loved this. The nostalgia was wonderful. Glad you didn't let 'lateness' deter you from sharing.

Sharinskishe said...

How terrific! I love childhood memories and your accumulation of the cookie cutters is awesome!!

I could use that biscuit cutter soon as I want to try to make Buttermilk donuts. Good thing I know how to make do or I would be sunk.

Too bad we aren't neighbors on many accounts.

Thanks for sharing.


Cynthia said...

I still have some of those from my mother in law. They are so nostalgic. Thanks for stopping by. Cindy

Mrs4444 said...

There is just something about having things from our childhoods that made us happy. I have most of these, too!

jb said...

My mom had that Santa cutter when I was a little girl! I knew what it was in an instant....such memories! My aunt just sent me some oldies but goodies that belonged to my grandmother and great grandmother. They are very old and black and rusty looking, but I treasure them!

Acinom said...

I still have mine that I inherited from my grandmother! Same exact ones! Thanks for the smile!