Friday, April 24, 2009

Just a little drama

I tease my husband that he is a drama queen. If he stubs his toe, it's broken beyond repair. If he has a tickle in his throat, he's got the flu. and today, he had pains in his digestive system. He's had a stomach virus for a few days now and today he ate half a sandwich. His first food in two days. I thought it was a little too heavy and sure enough, a few hours later he had a belly ache.

I've seen a lot of the Mayo Clinic, but this was not a section of the hospital that we'd been to before. The new hospital opened last April and it's always a pleasure to see the lovely new spaces.

This is the Emergency Room waiting area. I was shocked that there wasn't a single other person in the place. The fire alarm was going off when we walked in (they were testing the system) so that might have scared off some folks. We were not deterred, however because Tom said that the pains in his abdomen were close to the pains he had when he had a ruptured appendix. Drama Queen or not, I was hauling his post liver transplant, immune suppressed body into the hospital.

We got him all checked in, got a room (Room 3) and then he put on a lovely robe, (he arrived at the hospital wearing pajama pants and slippers, so he was all set there.) We've done this before :)

I asked Tom if I could take his picture and he told me that he was going to try to look as pathetic as possible. I think he did a real good job lol Below is a close up of his goofy face.

Tom started feeling better almost as soon as he got into the room. Figures, huh?

Immuno-suppressed people, like my husband, are delicate when it comes to colds, flu, scratches and scrapes and anything else that has to do with the cells of the body. He once had a cough and cold for 10 weeks. It was the same cold that everyone else had but only lasted a week for them.

Before we left the house, I managed to remember my Kindle. Thank goodness because I didn't have a whole lot to do. This is how I set up my space. I arranged my bag to elevate the Kindle and then sat in the chair and read. I love that I don't have to hold the book open, or place my bookmark in a book to lay it down every 5 minutes when Tom needed to tell me something or when a Doctor or Nurse came in.

Tom was watching the news on the TV and at some point they wheeled him out for a CT scan which took about an hour, they checked the 10 vials of blood they drew and ruled out everything we thought might be wrong. (I said we - like I'm a doctor) Turns out that he has inflamed lymph nodes due to the stomach virus, also known as adinidus. I think it was the turkey sandwich that put him over the edge. He's supposed to rest and when the virus has run it's course, the inflamation should go down. If not, we follow up with our doctor.

Tonight for our late dinner, he had chicken noodle soup.

That was Thursdays drama. We haven't had an ER visit in almost three years, so this wasn't too bad. I just wished I'd have grabbed my sweater. Thankfully I did grab the Kindle!

Hope you have a great day!


Keetha said...

Oh I KNOW what you mean about men and drama queens when ill. My hubby is an ER medical provider HIMSELF - - - but that does NOTHING to lessen the moans and groans when he is sick.

Hope "pitiful face" Tom is feeling better soon.

Sharinskishe said...
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Sharinskishe said...

I hope Tom is doing better. It is always wonderful to find out that things are going to be fine. The not knowing is worse than knowing sometimes.

Life is really very fragile. I can't imagine the worries you must be facing after a transplant! I think you are wonderful taking care of Tom the way you do.

You are an awesome woman and such strength and dedication!!

Take care.


PS: It really helps when one proofreads. I had to delete and re-post my comment because of some spelling errors I couldn't live with!! I just hate to proofread!!

Kirby3131 said...

Keetha - Thanks for telling me I don't have the only one. It's a tough job being in the ER - tell your husband thanks :) just because.

Shari - I've really stopped worrying about his health to some degree. He has an immune system, it's just compromised and we've made it through a lot of cuts and scrapes and colds so I know that he has built up a fairly healthy immune shield. It's been 3+ years since his transplant so a lot of the day to day worries have long since passed.

Pain is one thing that we take very seriously, especially if it is from an unknown cause - so that's why the trip to the ER. Next time something like this happens we'll know what to look for and know what to do (Don't eat the turkey sandwich for starters!)

Tom is doing MUCH better today. He's eaten two meals, no bread and he even took a shower and got dressed, so he's on the mend.

Julie Stiles Mills said...

I hope it turns out to be a boring, easy recovery! Keep us updated?

Mrs4444 said...

Poor guy. Good thing he's not around me today, as I would probably kill him with this bug!