Sunday, April 19, 2009

My rental condos

As many of you may know I rent fully furnished condos to people going through Liver, Heart or Lung transplants at the Mayo Clinic here in Jacksonville, FL. My husband and I had to find a rental condo to stay in immediately after he had his transplant and the choices we had really weren't acceptable, but we stayed in one anyway.

A few months after his transplant & as I tell the story - while he was still under the insanity that is Prednisone - he purchased three condos. Prednisone is a steroid that they give post-op transplant patients, which has a tendency to cause wide mood swings. (and in our case, compulsive condo buying)

So my husband purchased these condos & decided that since I wasn't doing anything I could renovate, decorate, furnish, maintain, market and rent the condos. I say this all with a laugh now because I do like having the condos and the people that rent from us. I love to take care of them and be their friend and help them through a real rough patch in their lives. However, I didn't need to have three of them and I didn't need to have them at that point. Tom was still very fragile and not well, so it took me a long time to get them ready to be rented.

I have a website that I use to show people what I have available and why we have the condos. It is basically what I said above, but in a much less snarky tone :) and it has pictures of two of the units. You can go see my website here at

My website is as basic as you can get. I like it that way - no distractions. However, it gets so many comments from spammers. But this one group of spammers made me laugh. One said that they were going to report me for "stealing article" but that they had better article at (insert their spammy website url.) Then a few comments later another spammy comment saying that they agreed, I did steal the article. These were up a few weeks before I checked over there, now I moderate the comments.

This is what I received this morning.

I congratulate on a holiday of all
(A holiday of all?? What? What does this have to do with condo rentals?)

and then a few hours later
Will take also I from you this article, can and I on a blog will have so much comments
(Hey spammers, this isn't an article. It's my story and it is a description of my condos. I don't want comments. This is an information article for people who call me on the phone and want to see what my units look like.)

What gets me is why is it that the one page advertisement for my rental condos gets so much spammy comments. What draws people there? I am only getting a few of these spammy comments each month. I guess it would be a different story if I got hundreds of them each month, but for now, they just make me laugh. I'm not looking for comments over there at my rental condo website, I'm just passing out information for those that are interested in renting from me or interested in seeing what is available.

Here on this blog, the spammers don't care at all obout little ol' me. Maybe this post will bring them in droves!

Have a fabulous day!

4/20/09 10:20am - I just got another comment!

I will not understand why so my posts delete or do not publish and do not answer questions

4/20/09 8:28PM - Another one. This one is a doozey.
Hi, please, help.
Does hrithik drinks beer,wine & drink cigerette?

Thenks, bro. I am vaiting for answer!!!

4/20/09 10:30PM
There must be an alcohol theme going on here. maybe it's because I talk about liver transplants. But this is what just came in. Honest, I'll stop updating in a day or two when the novelty has worn off. LOL

Yo!, please, need your help.
Whiskey and Scotch the main difference?

100 times thenks. I am vaiting for answer!!!


Keetha said...

Oh, we can't have you feeling that this blog is left out!!! So:

Spam,spam,spam,spam, SPAM!!!!!

Keetha said...

I often wonder why spammers don't seem to be able to speak intelligible English.

jb said...

Have the spammers come on over and paint the condos...or remove closet shelves...or other fun and exciting "what to do when hubby buys 3 condos" moments!

Kirby3131 said...

No, they haven't offered to do any of those things. Not like my real friends, who come to FL for a vacation and spend a few days helping paint! oh and SHOP!

I just got another comment over there. It was all in Russian, so it translated to ????? ???? ????? ????? Pretty cool, huh?


Kirby3131 said...

Thanks Keetha!! Almost all of my comments come from .ru which I beieve is Russia.

Ruth Ann said...

That spammer things is really weird. I don't know how you can control that. I wish I was able to buy rental property. My dream is to rent out a vacation cabin. That would be fun! Oh and I read your other post...I love the pink drawers! lol That would of been something I would have bought! lol
Haven't heard from you lately, hope all is well!

"J" said...

That is just goofy!!! lol

TheWorldsFullofUs said...

I use this nifty tool, Akismet that is suppose to protect the site from this sort of thing.

I have only been running it since I got the same posts on my site - but giving it a try :p

- Eric

Kirby3131 said...

Thanks Eric! I'll look into it. I'd only gotten 20 comments on that site in the past year. And today I got three. Something is going on.

Terri said...

how wonderful! I know you've talked often of your husbands health and I know you were in the house flipping business but the premise behind the condos is so thoughtful. Good for you. The spam situation is funny but quickly becomes a drag. I wonder if its the name of your blog, it's kind of unusual and since the spam seem to be unenglish-like, maybe that's what's drawing them in. I don't know. Weird and annoying. Good luck!