Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wall of Dishes

Oh my goodness, I just saw this picture over at b-chic-b-simple, which I found through Desire to Inspire.

I love dishes. I like to hold them, touch them, look at them and even eat off of them. I am a fan of bowls. Most of the dishes in my cupboard are bowls and I pretty much eat several meals a day out of a bowl.

I used to buy dishes, lots and lots of dishes, when my husband and I went to auctions and flea markets. I would fall head over heels for them and HAVE TO HAVE THEM. If I'd had the space, this is what ultimately would have happened to my dish collection - it would have consumed an entire wall. Now that I see this gorgeous space, I'm kind of wishing that I hadn't sold most of my stash. only kind of.

That sink area is fabulous, too - I love the restaurant style sprayer. We used to have one at The Goat (our family run coffeehouse in Lansing, MI) and I have always loved stainless steel sinks and still don't have one.

The colors of the dishes in this photo are a bit muted. I tend more towards reds, purples and blues in my pottery dishes, but I'd gladly enjoy this kitchen.

Today I have just the right amount of dishes. I don't need any more. but.... goodness, that photo!


Helena said...

That's a great photo! I love dishes too, but my real weakness is teapots. I must have 20 or 30 in all different sizes that I've hauled around for years. Most of them are still packed away here because there's just no room for them and I'm too stubborn to give them up.

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...