Friday, April 10, 2009

We've got all day!

The computer guy, Steve, was baffled, befuddled, totally perplexed and puzzled. He brought out his books. He tried a few million things. Then he said - ooooooh, I think I know what it is!

and then he spent an hour trying to figure it out after that point.

and now we have internet. All the time. I haven't had to restart the router or the modem or anything since he left.

There were several problems. The PC that wasn't working properly had a private IP address instead of a public one (or vice versa) and when he tried to change it, it wouldn't stick. The router needed to have an update and he needed to get it accomplished in less than 7 minutes before he got kicked off our internet. Which couldn't be done, so he used our neighbors wireless signal for about 15 minutes (shhhhh) to get the update. which fixed the router. which made the modem happy. which made all of our computers work.

One of the reasons my PC is running so incredibly slow is that there isn't enough memory. ahhhh. It needs more. Lots more according to Steve the computer guy. He suggested that I get a new computer because mine is going to be woefully out of date shortly. Gaaads no! not another computer! He says that he normally doesn't recommend new computers to people but in my case, I need one. (I'm going to get a little more memory and keep it and use my MAC most of the time like I have for the past year or so.)

I counted the number of computers I have in three rooms of this house... 7.
Computers total in my possession, including Tom's... 14.
The number of computers that we use... 3.
Computers that work...5 or 6.
That means that the remaining computers are trash.

I think Steve the computer guy is going to help me (Tom) get rid of the computers we don't need, don't use and are broken. I think Tom is afraid of his data being stolen or compromised or something. I hope Steve can help him get the data out and successfully destroyed :)

So there's my update. We've got all day (and night!) to be online. That's good because I'm terribly behind on my blog reading. and email. and and and

Have a wonderful holiday weekend.


Keetha said...

I'm glad the problem got fixed. Nothing is more frustrating than 14 computers and none that work!!!!

Ruth Ann said...

That's an awful LOT of computers! lol
I jokingly said we needed three in this house! I never imagined people having that many let alone more! lol
I would be in computer heaven! lol
Have a great Easter!
-Ruth Ann

Kirby3131 said...

We have office computers, home computers, business computers from businesses long gone - so some are total junk, some are dead and some are being used. it's a mess.

country girl said...

You asked about the soup; it was delicious. Soups are another great way to clean out the refrigerator. Start with some chicken or vegetable stock, add whatever you want in your soup, season and let cook. I like to use the crock pot. Then I don't have to keep an eye on it.