Friday, April 10, 2009

We've only got 5 minutes

I need to hurry and get this written and posted in 5 minutes or less. I thought that our router was booting us off the internet every few minutes, but now that I have my husbands computer directly connected to the modem without any router involvement at all and I still get booted, I know it's something else. (wow, that was a run-on sentence!)

What else could it be? No one else in our condo building is having any trouble, it seems to be just us. AND if that wasn't ridiculous enough, the Kicking Off event only seems to happen from 8-5. I thought that maybe it was because someone was stealing our wireless router signal (because I don't have it secure, I know, I know) but once again, I'm not connected to the router and it is still happening.

The computer guy is coming in about an hour, so I need to scoot. Hopefully he can get my PC up and running again and hopefully he can figure out what's going on with our connection to my life blood - The Internet!



Keetha said...

So what did you find out??? Is the online dilemma solved????? You're leaving your blogworld fans in suspense!!!

I'm going to be posting a picture just for you on my blog soon - - - - -


Ruth Ann said...

Hope you get it fixed soon! I hate when I have internet problems! The internet is like attached to my hip!
Hope you have a good day otherwise!
-Ruth Ann

Keetha said...

Miss Kirby, Miss Kirby!!!! "Your" picture is posted in my "silver lining" post. Just look for your NAME - - - I'm real subtle like that.