Friday, April 03, 2009

The unveiling

This package arrived in the mail the other day and as soon as I started opening it, I knew I needed to take photos.

I pulled the tear strip on the outside of the package to reveal this.

Black interior with glossy black letters flying across the background.
The cover around the interior package was like this -- although not as blurry! I almost want to frame it or use it as a craft project or something. It was truly lovely.

The paper feels wonderful too.

Then as I was trying to figure out how to open this package, I see this.
It's the beginning.

Once upon a time...

I carefully pulled the tab and opened up a whole new world.

Here's what was inside.

The Kindle2 - a little bit of heaven weighing less than a pound (with the cover that that I purchased as well) I personally love the FLASH in the middle of the screen. I'm such an amateur photographer, thanks for putting up with me.

I immediately spent the next few hours reading the instructions, turning it on and off, turning the pages, playing with the menu, highlighting text, bookmarking pages and so many other fun things.

Later that night and the next day, I purchased about 12 books that were immediately downloaded into my Kindle2. The book with the greatest number of pages took less than 30 seconds to download.

30 seconds!

It was probably a full minute if I include picking out the book, clicking on the pay button (one click payment) and the download.

Oh My Goodness! This is a lot of fun.

I told my mother today that I paid about the cost of my plane ticket for this but I can see from the few days that I have been playing with it, that it is worth it.

I know I've spent three posts on this subject, but I had to show you the reveal!!

and tell you that I am completely, totally, head-over-heels, in love with this product.

I'm trying so hard not to read any of the new books I downloaded before I get on the airplane (in a month!) but I purchased a few of my books that I read sections of, over and over, that would be convenient to have on the Kindle2.

I've had to wait in a doctors waiting room, I pulled out the Kindle2 and chose a book to read. I had to wait in a restaurant for the rest of my group to arrive. I ordered my water and pulled out my Kindle2 to read while waiting. My husband dominated the TV the other night - I curled up in bed with the Kindle2 and read a few chapters.

Complete Love.

Here's the link to Amazon's site about the Kindle2.


Keetha said...

Except for my beloved lappy (and I'm covering her eyes so she won't see me write this) I don't LIKE electronic gadgets but you are like TOTALLY selling me on this Kindle thing!!!!!

Gotta admit, I've been giving it some thought to add to my future wish list!!!!

Kirby3131 said...

You'd better cover her eyes!

I'll try not to talk too much about my new toy, I'll try :)

Keetha said...

Oh, talk away - - - I'm loving it.

BTW, did you know there is, amongst techies, a blogging thing called "unboxing???"

In Unboxing they make a post JUST LIKE this one where they show all the stages of unboxing their new techie toy.

You my dear goatish friend are a really really hip little techie!!!!


Kirby3131 said...

Goodness, I had no idea about unboxing - what new cool thing to learn about! I've got something new to Google now.

I skipped a few steps in the unboxing on the blog, but I did take photos LOL

Kim @ Up North Mommy said...

I just commented at Terra's site about her Kindle. I would LOVE a Kindle 2. And my husband knows it, too. LOL!

Ruth Ann said...

Hey...I'm your newly adopted little sister, so anytime you need to pass along old electronics and what have my address! LOL