Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thrifty Meats

Leigh, from Tales from Bloggeritaville, has been whooping it up for the past 5 days with some girlfriends at the beach (and I can't wait to see what tales she brings back for all of us.)

Since Thursday is HER day, here in Thrifty Thursday land, she decided to come home and host the carnival this week. Whew! I was beginning to really miss her.

Thrifty Thursday is all about thrifty find, a cool find, or something that was a bargain that you fell for, in a big way. This week I found this to be the best thrifty find and even though it's food - I had to talk about it.

I know we are all concerned about this H1N1 virus, also called Swine Flu. Because of it's name, which is only true of it's origins, but not of it's current state, Swine Flu has given a bad name to pork products. It's not bad enough that we are in an economic slowdown, that we have a flu that's running around causing trouble, but for people to automatically assume that our food supply is also tainted is just wrong.

No one has ever said that pork products were being recalled - no one. My father heard someone talk about how they were going to have to throw away all of the pork chops in their freezer. He was just beside himself because he'd bought about $50 worth and now he was just heart broken. My dad chimed in and told him that it was a flu, not a food issue. The guy didn't believe my dad until he said that if he brought them to his house, he'd grill them up that night!

What's so thrifty about this?

Pork is probably on sale at your local grocery store.

I mean really on sale.

I bought a pork roast and a large pork tenderloin (to slice up and freeze for future delicious meals.) I saved probably $10 on that purchase, maybe even a bit more. Pork chops were on sale, pork roast, pork everything was on sale.

Pork products do not carry swine flu.

Please support your local farmers and continue to buy the food that your family enjoys.

Tonight we enjoyed a Pork Butt Roast. I had never made one before so I went to the only source I know for recipes - I type in what I have and it gives me a million links! The first recipe I came across had all the ingredients I had in the house, so I chose that one! It's called Fall-Apart Tender Slow Roast Pork. It was really really good. Oh goodness, it was so good.

Leigh, I know you aren't a meat eater, but this was just too thrifty to not post about it today. Next week I'll do a non meat thrifty post :) The next post down, I talk about a broccoli salad that is really good!

Have a fantastic day!

*You can click on the poster image to make it larger. It's from The Other White Meat website.


Keetha said...

You are SO right about this. The virus "jumped" from live, breathing swine to live breathing humans. Now humans are passing it on to each other.

It isn't only the "pork" thing that is being blown out of proportion by people. It's the WHOLE ENTIRE FLU thing. Compare the numbers of those who have gotten sick to the TOTAL WORLD POPULATION.

Compare the numbers of those who have gotten sick to the numbers of those who are killed EACH AND EVERY DAY in car accidents.

We have LOTS of strains of flu viruses loose in our world. People don't get all bent out of shape over any of the REST of them - - - the media has just taken this one and "run" with it because of the link to swine.

I don't need to go to Mexico just now, but if I did - - - I'd go.

I don't scare that easily.

Chandy said...

If people paid more attention to the fact that properly cooked meats kill the viruses, they won't panic so much about pork or any other meat for that matter. Pork is very economical, that's for sure!

Great post!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

Krisitn, Very well said! I am so glad you did this post. I think it is important to educate those that might be mislead or misinformed. IT is true and sad that your farmers will take a hit from this sad swine flu situation. I too think it important to support them. True, I do not eat meat, but I do cook it daily for my carniverious family, who love it. I have no qualms about cooking pork. And I concure what Chandy said, if it is cooked properly there really shouldnt be any worries anyway (though the virus is not in the meat). Adequate cooking process kills bacteria.

And Keetha, I would hope on a boat to Mexico with you! (dances a little salsa) I am ready to GO!

Kristin, MY very own day? And its weekly! Wow! I feel so special!! You have a way of doing that to people. You have a gift.

SPEAKING of GIFTS!!! I received my package in the mail! I cannot wait to find a place to hang my big honking mirror! I will give you all the credit! You are so soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Sweet to share those with me.

Hugs and air kisses my sista! I SOOOOO missed you!

Kirby3131 said...

Keetha - Thank you. I couldn't agree more. I'm leaving for Ireland (Is there a person on the planet that doesn't know that yet?) and I'm going to be flying on a plane. I am always a bit nervous about catching a cold, but I'm not any more nervous and there is NO WAY I'm going to cancel this trip. :)

Chandy - That is also true! I meant to say that in my post, to properly cook the food, and there should rarely be a problem.

Leigh - I'm so glad you liked the picture hangers. They are fab - and will certainly hold your mirror. I'm glad you got it when you got home. It was a nice little welcome home gift lol

jennifer said...

Very good point. I hadn't thought about Pork products being discounted because of the Swine Flu. It would be a good time to stock the freezer!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Well said! Chicken Little, the sky is NOT falling. I hope you have helped some people put this in perspective.

I'd travel, too, if I had to...or could afford to, lol.

My two daughters are going to the UK at the end of May, and the day after they get back, one of them turns around and gets back on a plane for Guam, for two weeks.

Pork isn't dangerous, and my understanding is that this isn't even an airborne virus, but a "droplet" borne one -- so we just keep our hands clean and off our faces and calm down!
Thanks for visiting!
PS Keetha - - I'll go to Mexico with you too. Must I get a pedicure?

kimmcl said...

What a great post! I never even thought of not buying pork products because of swine flu. Crazy how the media can put the fear in some people! Love your blog Kristin. ~Kim

susan said...

You are right. There is a lot of confusion. You'd think people would know grocery stores would pull all the pork if there were danger. I think our dear VP will regret telling people not to travel on the Today show this morning. Thanks for helping get the info out. I enjoyed my first visit and am headed to check out pork prices :)

country girl said...

One more way to look at this pork issue; buy from a local pig farmer who let's them graze in a pasture and does not feed the animals corn, hormones and antibiotics. I am a big proponent of pasture raised meat. The cholesterol is lower than in feedlot raised meat. Read Michael Pollan's book, "The Omnivore's Dilemma" if you want your eyes opened about the nature of this country's meat. Go to
and search for farms in your area. You will do a lot for your body.

country girl said...

Above link to a farm in the Jacksonville, FL area that raises and sells pasture raised beef. Check it out.

I'll get off my bandwagon now.

Kirby3131 said...

Jennifer - Yes, I think it's still time to stock the freezer.

Cass - I'm going to Ireland in a week, and I'm not canceling! Happy travels to your family.

Kimi - Thanks! People also just listen halfway & decide that if one thing is bad, then so is everything else related.

Susan - Oh my goodness, I couldn't believe he'd said that.

Country Girl - I know this is a passion of yours and I appreciate your information. :) and thanks for the LINK!

Michelle said...

I've decided to support our pig farmers through this entire episode of misinformation.

We're eating pork once a week until September.

Bought a pork shoulder yesterday for pulled pork sammies tomorrow.