Thursday, April 16, 2009

So bad, it's good

Have you ever made anything that just went horribly wrong?

I know that I've made craft projects that have turned out just awful. I've baked a cake and had nearly the entire thing stick to the inside of the pan. I've made all kinds of food dishes that are just bland as can be.

But have you ever made something that is just so funny "bad" that you had to tell someone about it? That's where this new website Craft Fail comes into play. This is where crafters can show off their wrecks and laugh about it. They can also help you by telling you what NOT to do!

One of my favorite sites is Cake Wrecks. This site is fantastic for laughs. The cakes featured on this site are professional cakes that went terribly wrong - yet they still have them for sale! I keep hoping that some day I'll see a wreck and be able to submit it. I talked about Cake Wrecks once before, when I first found the site - Here. I now read that site daily.

One of my bad crafts was a dresser that I bought for $5 from a friend. It was painted this strange pink/flesh tone but I thought if I put another color over the top of it, that color just might be alright. So I picked out this redish orange color. I wadded up some plastic wrap and started dabbing the paint onto the dresser. It was looking fabulous, it was going very quickly and I was pleased. Until it dried. I managed to turn the once nice dresser into what looked like a piece of particle board. It looked like a cheap piece of pressed wood. sad, very sad. I never painted over it, though. I kind of liked it.

I sold it at our auction a few years later for $25.

I guess particle board dressers are all the rage.

I wish I could find a picture of it for you all, but I've looked all over for one and there isn't one to be found.

Here's some more crafts gone wrong - Craft Unusual admits her mistakes, Tchochkes found some fabulous stuff on Craigs List, and Craft Test Dummies shows us how to make dough ornaments.



Keetha said...

Oh that house!!! You didn't say one word about it, and though I do "get" the connection to the post, I just can't get past THAT HOUSE!!!

It looks like a REAL house. But Oh My Goodness - - - I've never seen anything like an upside down house before!!!! Where in the WORLD did you find that picture????

Kirby3131 said...

That house is from and it's just a weird house that someone built. I was looking through photos of bad architecture and came across this and thought it would be fun to include it.

You always get me on the photos! haha

Songbirdtiff said...

Ug, I've had a few impressive failures. I usually try to forget them. :)

I'll have to visit craft fail to make myself feel better.

shira said...

I love cake wrecks!

Love the house - by the writing I'm guessing it's in Japan (also the style - this fits Japan).

Thank you for the mention, BTW.

Shira @tchochkes

Keetha said...

Well it ought to make an episode of "Most Extreme Homes" on HGTV or whatever network that show is on. I want to see inside and see if all the floors slant in crazy dimensions.