Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Dilation,  as in eyes.

Not pregnancy or anything related to babies.

Just my eyes.

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I had an eye appointment today with the an ophthalmologist here in Jacksonville.

I had been seeing the doctor that my sister works with in Lansing, MI, but when I went for my exam in June he found some issues that required me to see someone local to me.  So, now I have a doctor here in Jacksonville.

The Lansing doctor had given me a clean bill of health 2 years ago and then when I returned in June of this year he noticed some leakage.  If you have diabetes it is indeed an extremely serious problem that can lead to blindness.   I really don't want blindness and my vision to be in the same sentence, so we're going to keep up to date with all appointments and make sure I take care of my eyes.

I honestly don't know why I had the leakage issue in June, because I've really been very good about keeping my blood sugars in check.  I take insulin, I eat well, I take my vitamins, etc.  I honestly didn't do anything different the past three months and the problem went away.  It's not cured by any means, but at the moment it's not an issue.  I'm due back in 4 months. 

If you'd like to know more about Diabetic retinopathy you can click here to find a quick rundown and see if you are at risk.

I've been a scary sight most of the day with those giant pupils.  Of course it was very sunny today, so I had on sunglasses and I covered them with a thick brochure that I got from the doctors office, plus I had my hands over the top of both of those!  

Maybe I was being a bit dramatic, but it was very sunny.

Fingers crossed that I continue to have great eyesight.

Have a wonderful day!


mub said...

I'm glad things seem to be going well and fingers crossed you'll get the same news in 4 months!

I hate having my eyes dilated! I'm always miserable for a good 2-3 days afterwards because it takes so long for my pupils to shrink back down... argh!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Glad you got good news and praying that continues!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm glad it hasn't changed, that was good news.