Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Fold Bill Like This

What an interesting parking payment system.

I've never seen the origami method before!

Tom and I went to St. Augustine, FL for a few hours on Monday. 
I needed to get out in the world and take some photos and WE needed to get out of the house.

We decided to meet someone for dinner near St. Augustine, so this was going to be quick trip.

Tom will spend hours driving around looking for a free spot rather than actually pay to park.  Since we were together, I have no patience for the parking hunt.  As it was we spent 30 minutes looking for a spot.  We only had 2 hours to spend in St. Augustine, so I wasn't about ready to spend all of it driving around in circles.  The spot I wanted him to park was $9 and I found it right away.  At the 30 minute mark I was ready to have him drop me off when he found this church parking lot.

I think we had some divine intervention :)

Have a wonderful day!


Katharine said...

I have never seen a system like that either... interesting what you come across!
Blessings on your day!

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

I have NEVER seen anything like that! I assume you stuffed your $5 into the number that matched the number on your selected parking place?

How in the world could they tell if you paid your $5 or not?

Ann in the UP said...

And I thought I had trouble feeding my frayed five into the car wash bill collector! I'd have wasted my two hours folding my money!

Nothing like getting out of the house to relieve stress!

denise said...

so interesting! i love all the random things you find/observe/ crazy to not only expect exact change to pay but a specific bill? and the folding...

Debby said...

That is a very interesting way to collect the money. I hate driving around for a spot but I must always park on an end!

Dysfunctional Mom said...

Very interesting! I've never seen that, either.
How was your St Augustine visit? We're going this weekend.

42N said...

Hey $5 seems reasonable. But I paid 50 cents in Helena last month at a similar parking toll. Must be the scenery.