Saturday, September 18, 2010

I thought it was a Club House

When I pulled into the driveway of the estate sale, I thought I was in the wrong location. The building looked like a club house to a golf course or something.  It was just two stories but very very long.  The pass through in the middle reminded me of a space for golf carts to zip through at a golf course.

I had no idea that the estate sale was at an 11,000 square foot home on the water.  The above photo shows most of the house.   The round stained glass window is shown near the end of the post from the inside.  The floor to ceiling windows near the right side was the living room.  It had a beautiful view  of the water, but there was too much glare for me to get a good photo of it.

Here's the listing for the house, but I'm terribly disappointed that they only have three photos and two of them are of the same space!  It's the living room & kitchen area that I didn't get photographed, so that's nice but still.  I think they could have gotten a few more photos of the house.  sheesh.

You can see the living room windows better in this photo and the addition of the kitchen is on the far right.  I think it's a hoot that the kitchen is an addition.  As if the house wasn't big enough!  Well, it's a beautiful room with skylights and floor to ceiling windows.  It would make an excellent photography studio with all of that natural light.

This was listed as the detached apartment.  It was pretty run down from the outside, but I don't know about the inside, it wasn't available to view.

I didn't go there to see the house, but to look at all of the treasures.  Well, that's what I kept telling myself as I ooh and ahh'd over all of the house details.  There were some really cool items in the sale though.  These vintage instruments were cool.

Back to a house detail - This window looked out onto a wall.  The wall was painted and then this seashell mirror was designed right into the wall.  It was kind of cool but I don't think I'd like to see that for years and years, though. 

More treasures.  I got a kick out of the folding chairs.  I remember when everyone had a set of these wildly patterned vinyl chairs.  One of the thousands of pictures that were in the house.  Seriously, these people had more artwork than I think I've ever seen and I came to the sale on the second day.  In the niche in the brick (below) was a giant piece of amethyst.  This was a small section of it.  I really liked the metal stamps.  They were $10 a piece so I wasn't too anxious about bringing them home, but if I had thought of a way to use them in my house I might have.  They were so unique.

My mom and my sister are both Pisces, so I wanted to buy this bowl for them.  I didn't, but I thought long and hard about it.  It pained me to leave it behind.

I was drawn to this painting.  They wanted $150 for it, so I wasn't drawn to it for long, but I liked the bright colors.   It would have looked so nice in one of my rental condos.

Here is a third of the kitchen.  This might have been the original part of the kitchen and then the section on the other side of the post with the skylights was the addition, but I didn't ask.  It's dated, that's for sure. 

This is another section of the kitchen area.  It looks like an outdoor kitchen indoors.  Half of the items in this odd area was missing, so I'm not sure all of this area was used.

The livingroom has a few dozen track lights on the ceiling, but no where near as many lights as there were switches!  This is the craziest bank of household light switches that I have ever seen.  At one of my houses we had a bank of 6 switches and I thought that was bad. 

Here's the amethyst and the stained glass window.

This is the driveway leading to the house.  No grand entrance, no brick pavement, no massive gates keeping people out, just a two lane track leading to the 1970s house on the water.

Have a wonderful day!

The next post, immediately following will be the treasures that I found this weekend.  Here's the link.


Ruth Ann said...

Cute house! And I had to laugh I always complain about all of our light switches in my kitchen, but it's nothing compared to the photo that you shared! lol I'll have to show my husband that! lol I can't wait to see what you found! I found some great treasures at a yard sale today, you'll have to check them out on my blog! Have a great night!

Ann in the UP said...

Wow, what a treasure trove for photography!

It makes me wonder about the owners. The musical instruments, all that space, the artwork.

I guess you have a lot of interests and tastes in a lifetime, and it doesn't necessarily all take a straight track, taste-wise. I guess I'm just being nosy.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I agree with you on the painting with the sale boats, it's lovely. Wow that is a lot of square footage. I enjoyed the tour. I am going to email you a link for something I bought a few months ago that may interest you for your
mom & sister from Coldwater Creek.