Friday, September 17, 2010

My friend's estate sale

I went to three different estate sales in the past two days.

This one was at the home of a friend, Tim, where we had a garage sale last year.  That was the infamous garage sale where we had the treadmill incident.

*Complete tale of the treadmill incident
*Photo of said treadmill

This man's house was just full of treasures.  He had three walls of copper in his kitchen.  That one rack at the top of the page is nothing compared to what was there.  Since I wasn't able to go to the sale right away on the first day, I have no idea how much stuff they decided to keep, but I bet they kept about a third of the copper.

Tim had statues and tables and records and African masks and copper and paintings and jewelry and and and.  He collected so many different types of things that I was excited to see what was being offered.

It really is hard to describe what all was in the house.

This clock was pretty cool,

but upon closer inspection I see that it's actually a time clock.  Now that's neat.

Many of the items were a bit too rich for my blood.  Paintings with a price tag of a couple hundred dollars, but I did really like the bathroom mirror.  For $65 I'll let someone else buy it.  I did like it though!

The furniture pieces in the house were from so many different eras and styles that it was fun to see what would be lurking in the next room.  This was the rustic wood, bear skin rug, and iron bed room.  The little 12 drawer chest was nifty.  I especially liked the drawer pulls.

This sign is so true!  At the estate sale I attended today I had a bowl under my arm that someone else had just decided to come back for, but it was mine!  I had already claimed ownership and she was just sorry out of luck.  She should have grabbed it when she saw it. 

Tomorrow I'll finish up my estate sale posts and show you the treasures I purchased, too.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

What wonderful items. I love that mirror and the cabinet with drawers. I would have had a hard time not buying those two items.
Can't wait to see what you bought!