Monday, September 06, 2010

Flux Capacitor

Yesterday I went to some unfamiliar places to take photos.  My very first stop I walked through some weeds to get a better view of a building and by the time I got back to the car my pants looked like this.

I just noticed that my right foot is turned in.  I thought I had straightened it for the photo but I must have lost my concentration.  Too funny.  That foot just won't stay straight. 

The little flux capacitor looking bits dug right into my pants.  I went to a few more locations before I got too worried about getting all these off of my pants - I had a feeling I'd get more on before it was all done.

What I didn't expect was that in the next location I managed to go through a burr family reunion.  As bad as my pants look in the first photo, they were even worse at then end of my next romp.  From my knees to my shoes I was completely covered in these little spiny burrs.

I hate pulling at these because they hurt my fingers something awful, but as I was going through my car trying to find something that might help get these things off of me, I found the perfect thing.  The man that I had lunch with the other day, who was my tenant at one point, found a spoon and some chip clips that were from the condo so he returned them.  I still had them in my car and that little clip was going to save my day.

It would have been easier to just take off the pants to remove the burrs, but unfortunately I didn't have a change of clothes in the car!  The bag clip saved my fingers all kinds of pain and was pretty good at removing the burrs.  There were only one or two that were so buried into the fabric that I needed to pick at them with my fingers.

I had to buy a lint roller while I was out, to get the flux capacitors off my pants.  So I think I'll add a chip clip with the lint roller and keep both of those in my car as a photography emergency pack. 

Have a great day!


Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Oh I just KNOW you knew a science lesson was coming about THIS post!

Those little things, attached to your legs, are called DRY FRUIT - - - ALL of them.

All of the ripened ovaries of a flower are called fruit. All fruit contain seeds (the result of all that SEX IN THE GARDEN I'm so fond of talking about.

Fleshy fruit are the type we eat - - - they contain a "fleshy" portion around the seed/seeds. Apples, bananas, peaches are all fleshy fruit. The point THERE is that the eater will eat the flesh and then distribute the seed - - - either by throwing it down (humans) or excreting it (animals.)

The other type of fruit, Dry Fruit, there is no fleshy covering. Instead, some "sticky" or "whirly" or "feathery" mechanism is attached. If that mechanism is sticky like velcro (your burrs and flux capacitors) the point there is for them to CLING to something which will carry them away and "plant" them when they eventually drop off. If the dry fruit is "whirly" (maple seeds) or feathery (dandelion fuzz) the purpose is so they will be caught by the wind and carried away to a new place to sprout and grow.

Now - - - there you have it - - - your science lesson for the day!!!

Oh, and I noticed that cute little turn-in of your toe and LOVED it, it so said "you."

Ann in the UP said...

Aren't you pleased to be such a good seed scatterer? I assume you were dancing and whirling around Jacksonville while you were removing dry fruit from your slacks.

My neighbor girl and I spent 15 minutes yesterday removing a very tenacious weedy vine that climbed to the tippy top of our garden fence. Plants are well suited to propagation!

(Keetha just can't help herself, poor dear.) LOL

Debby said...

Oh my what a mess! The clips were a great idea. Maybe you need some tall slip on rubber boots in your car.

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Poor dear is right.

Janean said...

very clever solution!

my feet turn in all the time & i never really noticed until a friend asked me about it. :/ LOL.

jennifer said...

Yeah but your feet look so tiny! (says the chick who has ski-feet)

I adore Keetha's engaged comments and I adore her too!

Those burrs are boogers. Once a LONG LONG LONG time ago I was barefoot and walking to the beach. I came across a patch of sand burrs and they just killed my feet! It still makes me cringe.

So my comment was not particularly intellectual but it was sympathetic.

42N said...

A funny story. Those darn burrs. I thought the flux capacitor was a Back to the Future term for the suped up Delorean? It probably applies to both.