Wednesday, September 29, 2010

World Golf Village

This past weekend our Liver Transplant Support Group had an outing to World Golf Village.  We ate lunch at the Murray Bros. Caddy Shack.  It's a golf themed restaurant that has some wonderful food.  I always enjoy going there, but it's especially fun with the support group.

We received free tickets to the putt putt golf, the IMAX theater and the Hall of Fame.  I don't know where the tickets came from, but we really had a great time.  (Thank You who ever you are!!)

John, Albert and Ajay were the only ones who played putt putt.  I'm thinking Ajay was the winner.  He's got a pretty good swing for an 11 year old.

While we were waiting for the boys to finish up, we gathered round the pond to watch the heron.  What a beautiful bird.  It was in this same pond that I saw the Soft Shelled Turtle.

Next stop - the IMAX Theater.

We saw Dinosaurs Alive!!

This is a photo of the opening scene with two dinos fighting.

This was so interesting.  I wish I would have taken notes because I can't remember everything that made me think "OH WOW!  That's so neat! or interesting or fascinating or I'd like to look that up or what was the name of that dinosaur..." 

The movie talked quite a bit about the excavations headed up by Roy Chapman Andrews.   He discovered, tagged and brought home so many dinosaurs.  It's believed that he was the original inspiration for Indiana Jones.  He's pretty handsome, too!

After the movie I was just going to go home because honestly, I have no real interest in golf.  BUT, some of the other folks in our group wanted to go, so I went.

First though, I thought it might be a nice time to get some family photos :)

This is Anita, John and Anita's sister, Flo. 

This is Albert and Julie and their son Ajay.  I have no idea where Ajay is looking - he's such a goof ball!

I get so attached to these families that even though they are still here in Jacksonville, I start to get sad thinking about them going home.  Both of these families live in California, so it's going to be quite a trek to see them again.  So far they are all waiting for a transplant so no one is going home yet. 

Next stop - The Hall of Fame.

"Bob Hope: Shanks for the Memory," the Hall of Fame's showcase member exhibition has extended its stay through 2010. "Shanks" offers the largest collection of Hope golf memorabilia ever available on public display.

from the World Golf Village Website

As soon as I saw the Bob Hope exhibit, I was so glad I decided to come into the museum.  I have always loved Bob Hope.  I've had a bigger crush on Jack Benny, but Bob Hope is a close second :)

Bob Hope met the Apollo 14 Astronauts, so that's why this little tidbit was in the Bob Hope section. 

Bob's Emmy was my photo of the day the other day.  Here's the plaque that went with that Emmy.   I just realized that this Emmy is just a year older than me.  She looks great!

Golf Balls.

They look so funny with all of their strange patterns.

I wonder if the new patterns made a difference in the how far they could go or if some of these were purely decorative?  Hmmm.

Are you ready?

Yes, I'm ready.

To fall in love...

Oops I had a song in my head.

If you're ever in this neck of the woods, I'd suggest a trip to World Golf Village.  It was a great time even for a non golf enthusiast.

Hope you have a great day!

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

What an awesome day you had. It sounds like a great place to visit.
I loved Bob Hope too. I was just thinking that in my post today when I mentioned Rancho Cucamonga I should have mentioned that Jack Benny use to say that...."and Rancho Cucamonga" for the stops on the train!