Sunday, September 26, 2010


One of our pre-transplant friends have rented a condo on the beach while they are here waiting. 

Today they invited a few families over for a little Fiesta.

We had wonderful food and fellowship and fantastic views of the water and the beachside area of town.

After dessert our friends turned on the lightning show!

I have never taken photos of lightning before and I was kicking myself that I didn't have my tripod with me.

I did figure out though, that if I balanced the camera on the railing, with the camera strap around my neck (we were 17 floors up!) that I could get a good shot of the sky even with a longer exposure.

We must have had a hundred lightning strikes tonight.  They were coming one right after another.

I just knew that I was going to be able to capture at least one, so I'd push the shutter button and sure enough, I caught several lightning bolts.

I didn't realize I had gotten this one until I came home.   What a thrill!

The bright lights on the horizon right in the middle of the frame are from the Jacksonville Jaguars Stadium and probably the downtown lights, too.  The Jaguars were just finished getting smoked in their game tonight, so the lights were still on in the stadium.

This was my final shot of the evening, although the rain and thunderstorms were still in the area.  

Thanks friends for inviting us over for such a lovely evening.

Have a great day!


Ann in the UP said...

Grrrrreat shots!!!

I just finished reading a work of fiction about getting struck by lightning, though. Be careful out there.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

What a beautiful view and your did capture some awesome shots of the lightning. Wow!!

42N said...

These are fantastic shots - nice work for a Spartan from a Hawkeye.

Karen MEG said...

What beautiful shots, Kristin!!!

Matty said...

I have a go-zillion pictures, but none of lightning. Thanks for the inspiration. Nice shots.

CDScott said...

Fun shots and a beautiful view!

gaelikaa said...

Beautiful shots! I loved every one of them!

Sharon Cohen said...

What a thrill! I love lightning storms (and miss them). But I would never attempt to photograph them - too shaky and no tripod! I love the shot that you didn't discover until you got home.

I hopped in from Saturday Sampling. I've enjoyed your sample! Mine is Strawberries, Chocolate and a Captive Audience. See you there!

Mrs4444 said...

Wow, Kristin! These are VERY cool! You don't get shots like those very often.

Katharine said...

These are awesome! I have tried and failed several times to photograph lightning! Great job! said...

beautiful pics! stopping by from Saturday Sampling
Heather from Acting Balanced