Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Theme - Paths

I had just finished photographing the scene below when I stopped to read my email on my phone.

"...how about on the theme of "paths?" Any kind - street, sidewalk, foot, cattle, etc.  I know you will do well."

 I guess it was meant to be that I do a little post on the paths that I've seen.

The path above was the driveway to the giant house on the water where I went to the estate sale. (blogged here and here)

This path was lovely with the flowers and the weathered lattice and posts.  What you can't see is that the end of this little walkway hovers about two feet over the sandy beach and the end posts have long since been lost.  This path is no longer in use.

 This is the new path just a few feet away from the washed out walkway.  This is less glamorous, but gets you to the beach without having to jump!

Some paths are not on the beach!  Some paths are found in antique stores.

Those antique stores that have air conditioning is preferred.

Their paths are far superior to those antique stores without ac.

Some of the paths I came across were pretty clearly marked.

This was the path into an old RV park.

An unexpected treat.

Someone had left their sandy shoes on the railing, just for me to photograph, I'm sure of it. 

Thanks so much 42N for the suggestion.  It was a lot of fun to keep the theme in mind as I wandered through my days this past week.

Have a great day!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

That was fun, I enjoyed seeing the paths that you have seen and they are all pretty in their own way.

Ann in the UP said...

Yup, very nice indeed. Good idea!

Lisa said...

Great idea to help guide your photographic eye! Somedays I can use a theme.

42N said...

I'm glad that you used the path theme. I like the very first image of a dirt car path but then again I like th beach paths too.

I was thinking this morning about another theme for you (which is closely related to paths)- the theme of wheels like car, truck, boat, toy, tools, etc. Have fun.