Thursday, September 02, 2010

Friday Fragments

Happy September!!  I'm still in shock that it's back to school time and for some folks, it's waay past back to school - they've been in school for a month already.  But that's a fragment for another day - or never, now that I think about it  :)  Well anyway, it is September.  That much is true.

Thanks to Mrs. 4444 of Half Past Kissing Time for getting so many incredible bloggers together for some fun and interesting fragments.  She is just a wonderful host.  Thanks so much Mrs. 4444.  Thank you! 

Let's get to some fraggin'!


You may remember that I talked about the photo site where adults recreated photos of themselves that were taken when they were kids.  That site is called Young Me, Now Me.   The same person who put together that site has now created Like Mom, Like Dad. This is where the next generation recreates scenes from their parents photographic past.  The photo above and below are from that site.

I just love stuff like this.


I just found out this evening that Casey Kasem of radio's American Top 40s fame was also the voice of Shaggy in the Scooby Do series.   He was also the voice of Robin in Superfriends as well as many other voiceovers.  I'm usually pretty good at detecting voices, but I missed this one, that's for sure. 


I found this on handmade love, but it's a piece of artwork from Amy Borell

You know I wanted to start putting paper through my paper punches and photograph it! 


Have I mentioned yet today that I broke my pinky toe last week?  It's feeling better, thank you.  I'm no longer seriously limping, just walking a little bit slow, but still can't wear my tennis shoes.  Anyway, you know how it is, when you hurt a part of your body you find out how often you use it?!  Well I found out yesterday that I use my right foot (the broken toe foot) to guide the canister part of my vacuum.  I guide the hose, too.  I must have whacked my toe on the side of the vacuum a dozen times because I've also discovered that I don't guide the canister gently!  Sheesh!  (Nor am I fast learner!  Most of you would have stopped kicking the canister after the first time.)  Thank goodness there were no small children here.  The words coming out of my mouth were not PG!


The image above, from Pottery Barn, was the inspiration for Leanne of Organize and Decorate Everything, to go ahead and make her own chalkboard rocks.  She has a photo rich tutorial and she also put a little spin on the chalkboard rocks, too. Fun, easy project folks.  I can see gift opportunities!!


Have a wonderful, fabulous, holiday weekend.  I'm not doing a thing for the most part, but hopefully I'll find myself a grilled hot dog. yummmm.



Coby said...

That piece of artwork with the holes from the paper punch is so cool! It's one those things that makes me think, "Why didn't I think of that?"

lisleman said...

Ouch about that toe - hey my FF post mentions a stubbing a toe with regards to Mommy blogs - really I had no idea. It was really something that popped in my head.

That picture site is a great find. I assume those are pictures and text from the site. Not you?

Dysfunctional Mom said...

This is like a treasure trove of goodies! I love the photo site, very cool. And I love love LOVE the chalkboard rocks! Cool Halloween deco is my favorite.

Lisa Ceaser said...

Didn't get my post written yet, but had to stop in and say hello. Glad your toe is better, and I would be the same way with the vaccuum. I am forever forgetting not to do things that hurt. Its comical really.

Sorry to see POTD go away, but I know what its like to lose motivation. I can't believe you haven't shot in two weeks?! Maybe the change to fall will tempt you. While I don't think you'd have foliage, I bet you can start your neighborhood walks and spot fall decor?! Just thinking out loud.

We're bbqing saturday evening, photo shoot on Sunday and packing for Monday.

Have a great week if I don't drop in sooner!

Jene said...

That is a really neat site! I'm definitely going to have to check it out and try to re-create some of my own.

Rebecca Jo said...

OK - what was that on about Casey Kasem because I heard that too? Oh... I just remembered - TMZ... funny!

I LOVE all things Halloween... those rocks are adorable!!!

I not have to go do some hole punching too! I love when people take something unordinary & make it super cool!

Ruth Ann said...

I can't believe that you broke your pinky toe! I see how easy though it can be done...cause I'm always stubbing mine! lol

Oh and I love those chalkboard rocks...they are very cute! I'll have to give it a try!

Kirby3131 said...

Coby - Who knew that a pile of punches would be photograph worthy?!! :)

lisleman - Those photos are from the website. I didn't take them, nor are they my family.

Dysfunctional - Are you going to give the kids rocks for Halloween? haha!

Lisa - My photo of the day isn't going away permanently, just for a week or so. Two weeks, pretty amazing huh? The broken toe discouraged me for a week. It wasn't easy to wander around.

Jane - I hope you do recreate some of your old family photos - what fun!

Rebecca Jo - Yes, it was TMZ LOL I admit it, I was watching TMZ!

Ruth Ann - I bet your boys will enjoy the chalkboard rocks.

Debby said...

Those are some interesting links.
You have a wonderful weekend too.

The Crazy Coxes said...

Your mom was beautiful!
I love the twin pictures!

Sorry about your toe. Those take a long time to heal! Bummer!

Enjoy your weekend!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Ouch! Broken toes HURT...and size doesn't matter.

Every single time my boys watch Scooby, I think of Casey Kasem! They have no clue as to he he is, of course.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Unknown Mami said...

I love the chalkboard rocks idea. Also the recreating of pictures is too cool.